NBA 2K24: Where to buy socks

Kevin Durant performing a layup against the Miami Heat in NBA 2K24
Credit: NBA 2K24

Kevin Durant performing a layup against the Miami Heat in NBA 2K24
Credit: NBA 2K24

They may not be the most glamorous part of a player's game-time ensemble, but without them, you'd have teams falling victim to awful blisters. For comfort, protection, and performance, find out where you can buy socks in NBA 2K24!

Shoes are all the rage in the NBA, with players bringing out their own designs left, right, and centre on a regular basis. But the unsung heroes of the game's footwear craze are the socks underneath. Make sure you have the right fit so you can get to producing SportsCenter Top 10 moments in no time.

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Where to buy socks in NBA 2K24

As is the case with pretty much any cosmetic improvements you want to make to your player to make them uniquely yours, you'll need to head over to the shopping district of the city in order to buy socks. This can be found at the bottom of the map and is easily accessible either via foot/board or by taking the train.

Unlike shoes, socks can be a little more challenging to find, but not impossible. The big-name sporting brands like Nike and Adidas have no interest in selling you socks, so you'll need to look elsewhere.

The inventory menu of Dick's Sporting Goods, where you can buy socks in NBA 2K24
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Credit: NBA 2K24
Unless you want formal socks on the court, head to Dick's Sporting Goods

There are two main stores that stock socks - Drip Brothers and Dick's Sporting Goods. While you can buy some from Drip Brothers, this is a formal attire store, so you won't find those socks on the court. This means that the place to be for your next pair of socks would be Dick's Sporting Goods.

Socks can be found by going into the store, interacting with the vendor, and navigating to the Accessories section of the store. From there, you can choose your socks according to the desired length. Once you've chosen the length, the rest is up to you to find the right complement to your fresh pair of kicks for your name game!

And that about covers where you can get your hands on some new socks! For more tips and tricks for 2K's latest NBA title, take a look at our best center build. We've also got a guide on how to block for when you've got your center NBA ready!

How to complete Season 1 Pass

Knowing the fastest way to complete the Season 1 Pass is very important. In the same way socks can give your player a unique look, some of the Season 1 rewards can do the same.

NBA 2K24 Season Pass LVL 40 Reward Kyrie Irving
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The Season Pass rewards can also help you improve your MyTEAM, and upgrade your MyCareer player badges and attributes. With the introduction of two new premium Season Passes, knowing the fastest way to finish the Season Pass was never so important.

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