NBA 2K24: How to create and update rosters

NBA 2K24 Damian Lillard

NBA 2K24 Damian Lillard

The NBA never stops, with new players arriving at the league while others are changing teams, similar to what happens in your MyCAREER save in NBA 2K24. Some do it of their own will, by entering free agency and choosing the next team they want to sign for.

Others are traded by their teams for different players or draft assets, something that puts the franchise close to achieving its goal. The goal can be winning an NBA title or tanking for a chance to get the 1 draft pick.

With the blockbuster trade of Damian Lillard to the Milwaukee Bucks, the NBA 2K24 community wants to know how they can update the current rosters. This trade impacts the landscape of the NBA, so it's crucial to update the NBA 2K roster so your MyNBA save looks as realistic as possible.

Without further ado, let's find out how you can create and update rosters in NBA 2K24.

How to update rosters in NBA 2K24

You can argue that updating current rosters is more important, and definitely more easy, than creating new ones. This feature allows you to always have the NBA 2K24 rosters up to date, making the game more realistic and immersive, especially if you are a big MyNBA fan.

Fortunately, updating rosters is quite easy in NBA 2K24. To do it, you first need to access the Features option that you can find in the main menu of the game.

Then, make sure to select the Create Roster option, and proceed to select which roster you want to change, such as the Modern Day roster for example.

NBA 2K24 roster update menu
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Once you are inside the Roster Picker menu, select the type of roster you want to change. You can change the official 2K roster, user-created rosters, and injury-free rosters. This feature allows you to create a superteam if you so decide, or just randomly move players to different teams.

The official 2K roster is updated daily and includes all the roster changes that have happened in the NBA. For example, all the players and assets included in the three-team trade that landed Damian Lillard in the Milwaukee Bucks are already in their respective teams, such as Ayton in the Blazers.

How to create rosters

When it comes to creating rosters, the process is very similar, it just takes a little bit more time. Just like you did when updating a roster, you want to head into Features, Create Roster, and select the roster Era you want to change.

NBA 2K24 features menu
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After you are in the Roster Picker menu, select the official 2K roster and change whatever you want. This can go from trading players and picks to changing the rotation of the squads or the player's minutes, teams' playbooks, and much more.

We hope this guide helped you understand how you can update or create your own roster. For more guides and all the latest news about NBA 2K24, check out Realsport101. You can also read our NBA 2K24 review here.

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