NBA 2K24: Legendary Path Event

NBA 2K24 Legendary Path

NBA 2K24 Legendary Path

NBA 2K24 will go live in just a couple of hours, and 2K has revealed much of the content that will hit MyTEAM on day 1. Among that wave of content, we have the 2Kday pack and the Legendary Path pack.

The Legendary Path pack is part of the Legendary Path event, the first program of MyTEAM. This program is also the first "multi-release event" of MyTEAM in NBA 2K24.

This program brings some great cards, with good attributes and spectacular badges. They will be very useful at the beginning of the game, and help players assemble a strong starting squad.

Without further ado, let's find out everything about the Legendary Path event.

Legendary Path Shaquille O'Neal attributes revealed

We already knew that the final reward of the Legendary Path program would be a 94 OVR Shaquille O'Neal card. However, the attributes of this card weren't known at that time, but they have finally been revealed.

NBA 2K24 Legendary Path Shaquille O'Neal
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This Shaquille O'Neal card is one of the best cards in NBA 2K24. It possesses some incredible attributes, such as 98 strength, 87 acceleration, 95 interior defense, 94 offensive rebound, 95 defensive rebound, and 97 Shot Close.

He is extremely fast for a Center, can have an impact on both sides of the floor, and is a monster in the paint. If you face off against this card, good luck trying to stop him.

Make sure to collect all the cards as fast as possible if you want to redeem this Shaquille O'Neal card. That's because Season 2 is coming which means the Legendary Path event is coming to an end.

Legendary Path event

The Legendary Path event is the first "multi-release event" of MyTEAM. Its final reward is an astonishing 94 OVR Diamond Shaquille O’Neal card, which will arrive at the game on 20 September.

Players can earn the Shaquille O’Neal card by collecting all the other cards in the event. There are a total of six Legendary Path collections that players need to complete. However, each collection includes multiple cards that players need to earn, meaning this won't be an easy program to finish.

NBA 2K24 Legendary Path
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Players can earn these cards by either completing agendas challenges or buying Legendary Path packs. So, if you aren't willing to spend any VC on NBA 2K24, you won't be able to finish this program.

The first Legendary Path collection player users need to acquire is Amethyst Damian Lillard. But that won't be an easy task, since players need to collect a total of 12 cards before being able to redeem that Damian Lillard card.

Only four of these cards will be obtainable in agendas. To acquire the other cards, players will need to buy plenty of Legendary Path packs. In the upcoming weeks, more Legendary Path collections will be released, so make sure to stay tuned for that.

Legendary Path collection cards

As mentioned above, there will be a total of six Legendary Path collections. Each one of them includes a plethora of cards users need to acquire. The Damian Lillard collection is the first one of the program, and more will be released in the near future.

NBA 2K24 Legendary Path Damian Lillard Collection
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The Legendary Path Damian Lillard Collection will arrive at MyTEAM on day 1!

So, let's take a look at the cards players need to acquire in each of the Legendary Path collections.

Damian Lillard Collection

Reward: Amethyst Damian Lillard

  • Ruby Andre Iguodala
  • Ruby Lamar Odom
  • Sapphire Glen Rice
  • Sapphire Mike Miller - Complete agenda by making 21 3s in Triple Threat Online
  • Sapphire Wes Matthews
  • Emerald Shaedon Sharpe
  • Emerald Robert Pack - Complete agenda by getting 10 assists in multiplayer games with Nuggets players
  • Emerald Al Harrington
  • Emerald Bryant Reeves - Complete agenda by scoring 20 points in the paint with centers in Clutch Time Offline
  • Gold Goran Dragic
  • Gold Keith Van Horn - Complete agenda by winning a Triple Threat Offline game using 3 Nets players

Devin Booker Collection

NBA 2K24 Devin Booker Legendary Path Collection
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Reward: Amethyst Devin Booker

  • Ruby Amar’e Stoudemire
  • Ruby Stephen Jackson
  • Sapphire Darryl Dawkins
  • Sapphire Gus Williams
  • Sapphire Dell Curry
  • Emerald Cuttino Mobley
  • Emerald Derrick Coleman
  • Emerald Matt Barnes
  • Emerald Nick Anderson
  • Gold Jarvis Hayes
  • Gold Damon Jones

Dirk Nowitzki Collection

Reward: Amethyst Dirk Nowitzki

  • Ruby Jason Kidd
  • Ruby Danny Granger
  • Sapphire Brandon Jennings
  • Sapphire Kevin Martin
  • Sapphire Tyson Chandler
  • Emerald Thaddeus Young
  • Emerald Quentin Richardson
  • Emerald Antonio McDyess
  • Emerald Jeff Green
  • Gold Damon Stoudamire
  • Gold Darko Milicic

Ben Wallace Collection

NBA 2K24 Ben Wallace Legendary Path Collection
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Reward: Amethyst Ben Wallace

  • Ruby Anthony Edwards
  • Ruby Steve Nash
  • Sapphire Trevor Ariza
  • Sapphire Mo Williams
  • Sapphire Ben Gordon
  • Emerald Sasha Vicevic
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  • Emerald Matt Bonner
  • Emerald Tree Rollins
  • Emerald Jerry Stackhouse
  • Gold Tiago Splitter
  • Gold Darren Collison

J.R. Smith Collection

NBA 2K24 Legendary Path J.R. Smith Collection
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Reward: Amethyst J.R. Smith

  • Ruby Steve Francis
  • Ruby Jerry Luca:
  • Sapphire Vernon Maxwell
  • Sapphire Horace Grant
  • Sapphire Kelly Tripucka
  • Emerald Kurt Rambis
  • Emerald Matthew Dellavedova
  • Emerald Kenny Walker
  • Emerald Byron Scott
  • Gold Eddy Curry
  • Gold Craig Hodges

Grant Hill Collection

NBA 2K24 Legendary Path Grant Hill Collection
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Reward: Amethyst Grant Hill

  • Ruby Thrul Bailey
  • Ruby George Gervin
  • Sapphire Darius Miles
  • Sapphire World B. Free
  • Sapphire Bob Dandridge
  • Emerald Ricky Pierce
  • Emerald Eric Snow
  • Emerald Ronnie Brewer
  • Emerald Kevin Duckworth
  • Gold Sam Vincent
  • Gold Jamario Moon
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