NBA 2K24: How to change camera in park

The MC for Sunset Park in NBA 2K24

The MC for Sunset Park in NBA 2K24

While it has largely been a mainstay in the NBA 2K franchise, the Park feature of NBA 2K24 offers a friendlier version of the street ball that players enjoy on a regular basis. To get the best out of your gameplay, find out here how to change camera in any park games!

Featuring a new-look 3-on-3 experience that now allows players to learn the ropes against an all-AI opponent, newcomers to NBA gaming will find this to be a great introduction to the more competitive online equivalent. There are three parks to work through; Sunset Park, The Point, and The Yard, each with an increasing degree of difficulty.

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How to change the camera angle in park games

In a solid improvement from previous titles, the power is now in your hands as the player to find the perfect angle for you to perform at your absolute best on the court. This applies to not only your NBA games but on the blacktop and the street as well. If you want to change your perspective, just hit the pause button!

In the pause menu of a game, you will find your statistics for the game and a number of menus. On the furthest right option, there is "Camera", which is where you want to go to adjust your viewpoint.

NBA 2K24 pause menu
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Only the best angles for the king of street ball

What is great about the camera options in NBA 2K24 is that there are preset options that have a default setting that you can adjust to your liking. Essentially, it gives you the option to completely customise camera angles and quickly change them on the fly if needed.

NBA 2K24 camera angles

There are a wealth of options as far as changing the camera is concerned, from how zoomed in it is to the height of the camera. If you want to adjust one particular preset, you can do so with the D-pad by scrolling to the point of interest and making adjustments.

The one point to note is that the camera you exit the menu on will be the one that is automatically applied at the game. This is a great function to allow for quick changes to adapt to game situations.

NBA 2K24 gameplay
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There are many different camera angles you can choose from or customize to your liking.

Your best strategy would be to take the time early to optimise each camera angle to your liking so you can easily and quickly switch between them when you're in the heat of a tight contest.

That's our guide on switching camera angles! If you're looking for guidance on how to build your MyCareer player, we've got build guides for every position, from point guard to center!

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