NBA 2K24 Face Scan: How to scan your face into the game

NBA 2K24 Kevin Durant

NBA 2K24 Kevin Durant

Since the launch of NBA 2K24 millions of players have created their MyPLAYER. This is the character players will use in MyCAREER, the most popular game mode in the NBA 2K franchise.

To obtain the maximum level of immersion, it's important that your MyPLAYER character looks exactly like you. For that, you need to scan your face into the game.

This will make the game much more fun to play, and help you visualize yourself inside an NBA game. It will make you feel like you are an actual NBA player in his quest for glory.

Without further ado, let's find out how to scan your face into NBA 2K24.

How to scan your face

As mentioned above, the face scan feature allows you to scan your face into the game. This will make your MyCAREER games much more enjoyable, and provide a more immersive experience.

To scan your face into NBA 2K24, you need to have the NBA 2K Companion App installed on your phone. Once you have installed it, sign into the app using the account of the platform where you bought the game.

NBA 2K24 Face Scan menu
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After that, you just need to follow these simple steps.

  • Click on the Face Scan option
  • Remove hats and glasses
  • Stand in an area with good lighting
  • Make sure your face is "free of shadows and extreme brightness"
  • Begin the capture

When that is done, your scanned face will automatically be added to the game. Then, you simply need to choose the face scan option when creating your MyPLAYER and enjoy seeing yourself on an NBA court.

Best builds in NBA 2K24

It's very useful to know which are the best builds in NBA 2K24. After scanning your face into the game, you will need to create your build, which is something quite important.

NBA 2K24 Best SG Build
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This SG build will help you dominate MyCAREER and The City!

Fortunately for you, we have very detailed guides about the best build for every position. You can check our PG guide if you want to be a lethal scorer who also runs the offense.

If you want to dominate the glass and be a great post defender, our Center build is perfect for you. We also found the best SF and PF builds, that will help you impact both sides of the floor. If scoring is your main concern, then check out our SG build.

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