NBA 2K24: How to enter & win the Dunk contest

NBA 2K24 Mamba Moments Kobe Bryant dunking

NBA 2K24 Mamba Moments Kobe Bryant dunking

There are many exciting things players can do in MyCAREER in NBA 2K24. However, only a few are more fun and exciting than the Slam Dunk contest. This contest allows players to show off their dunking skills, collect an important trophy, and reach an important milestone in their NBA career.

But many players don't know how they can enter the NBA 2K24 Dunk contest, or more importantly, how to win it. There are some specific requirements you need to fulfil to enter the Dunk contest and some things you need to do to have a better shot at winning it.

Without further ado, let's find out how you can enter, dominate, and win the NBA 2K24 Dunk contest.

How to enter the Dunk contest

As mentioned above, there are a few requirements you need to fulfil before even thinking about entering the Dunk contest. One of them is having at least an 85 dunk rating, as this guarantees you are capable of performing multiple dunks.

Before entering the Dunk contest, you should also make sure you have a good vertical. If you have between a 75 - 80 vertical rating, you shouldn't have a problem performing incredibly difficult dunks. However, the higher the vertical rating the better, so try to get it the highest you can before entering the Dunk contest.

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Once you have met these two requirements, just play the MyCAREER games until you reach the All-Star break. In those games, try to perform a dunk whenever possible, as this will improve your chances of being selected for the Dunk contest.

When you reach the All-Star break, you should receive an invite to the Dunk contest. Then, you just need to accept it, and you are in the NBA 2024 Slam Dunk contest.

NBA 2K24 Dunk contest tips

Winning the NBA 2K24 Dunk contest can be harder than expected. Even if you have a high dunking rating and an incredible vertical, you still need to perform some jaw-dropping dunks.

Your opponents will also have incredibly high dunking ratings, such as Zion, Zach Lavine, or Aaron Gordon. So, you must execute your dunks to perfection. Furthermore, the dunks you choose to do and their order will also play a huge role in how many points you get.

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Start with a strong dunk such as a windmill, or a double spin dunk. Then, follow it with a two-handed throw from the backboard, and make sure to hang on the rim for some style points. For the grand finale, do a touch behind-the-back reverse dunk.

If you manage to execute these dunks to perfection, you will most likely come out of the All-Star break with a Dunk contest trophy. You can also choose to start with an easier dunk and increase the difficulty throughout the contest.

We hope this guide helped you understand how to enter the Dunk contest, and that these tips make it easier for you to win it. For more guides and all the latest news about NBA 2K24, check out Realsport101. You can also read our NBA 2K24 review here.

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