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NBA 2K24

Basketball fans are very excited right now since NBA 2K24 is just days away from launching! This edition brings new features to game modes such as MyTEAM, The City, and MyCareer.

With MyCareer being the most popular game mode in NBA 2K24, millions of players are eager to create their player and hit the court. However, players still have some questions about the mode. One of the most asked ones is "Can I play MyCareer offline?".

Let's find out the answer to that question right now!

Can you play MyCareer offline?

As mentioned above, MyCareer is an extremely popular mode. So, it's normal that players have many questions about it. Most of those questions are centred around player builds, badges, jumpshots, or how to complete specific quests.

However, some players just want the answers to simple questions, such as "Is it possible to play MyCareer offline in NBA 2K24?". This is a very frequent question, as many players wonder if it's necessary to have an internet connection while playing an offline mode like MyCareer.

NBA 2K24 The City
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The short answer is no, you can't play MyCareer without an internet connection. It's been like this since NBA 2K19 and we don't expect it to change any time soon.

Yes, it might not make the most sense to need an internet connection to play a mode that is 90% offline. However, MyCareer has plenty of missions or side quests that take place in The City, and you can't access The City while offline.

Furthermore, MyCareer has evolved to more than just an offline mode in recent years. Despite that, a way to play MyCareer offline would be useful to many players.

NBA 2K24 new badges

Something that is also very useful for MyCareer players to know, is which are the brand-new badges that NBA 2K24 is introducing. These badges will allow players to build even more unique archetypes.

NBA 2K24 new badge system
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There are a total of 24 new badges coming to NBA 2K24, which were added in honour of basketball great Kobe Bryant. The game is also introducing a new badge progression system, that will let players "focus on their strengths and experiment with different builds".

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