NBA 2K24: Can you get VC back?

NBA 2K24 - advanced player customization featuring arm sleeve selection

NBA 2K24 - advanced player customization featuring arm sleeve selection

The question of whether you can get VC back in NBA 2K24 is quite a pertinent one, as the new game recently had its worldwide launch.

VC is the short form abbreviation of Virtual Currency, which can be used within various NBA 2K game modes, such as MyCAREER, MyPLAYER and MyTEAM. This medium of monetary exchange allows you to alter the look and feel of any created players you manage in the game, with it also being used to improve physical and technical player attributes across the board.

Now, in this short post, we’re going to be revealing if you can recoup any spent virtual currency, especially if you made an accidental purchase or if you wanted to start a new build.

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Anyway, let’s take a closer look at the options for virtual currency here.

Can you get VC back in NBA 2K24?

Unfortunately, any sales for virtual currency are final within the game. What this means is that when you spend virtual currency on things like boosts, packs or badges, that money can not be reclaimed.

For example, if you accidentally spent 200 VC to give your MyPLAYER an increase in certain stats or used 500 VC to buy some trendy sneakers that complement their appearance, you’ll receive the aforementioned attribute increases and player accessories without being able to reverse the transactions after their completion.

Kevin Durant in NBA 2K24
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This holds true regardless of the platform or console you’re using to enjoy the game. So, when it comes to spending virtual currency, you have to make wise decisions prior to purchase as you won’t get that virtual coinage back.

Perhaps the only possible way for you to salvage your virtual currency was if the game glitched out and made an unauthorised purchase accidentally. But even in this scenario, it would be a long shot as there’s no guarantee that the NBA 2K24 support staff will reverse the transaction once you contact them about it.

On the other hand, there’s some good news as the game provides you with a multitude of different ways to earn virtual currency, such as via daily rewards, locker codes or through the completion of various MyCAREER games.

All in all, you can’t get virtual currency back in NBA 2K24.

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