NBA 2K19 MyPlayer: Training Facility Guide

As an aspiring professional basketball player in NBA 2K19, you are always going to be looking for that edge that can help you overcome your opponents. Whether it is something like faster takeoff when attempting to transition from defense to offense, or being able to out-class an offensive center by stopping his initial charges, having any extra bonuses is equal to success on the court.

In MyCareer, this is even more prominent, due to your player starting out as a very weak rookie. At the start, you will have almost no strong stats or attributes that are anything to write home about, and you will be seen as a weak link. To upgrade and improve your abilities and attributes, you must use the training facilities that are provided to you through sponsorships and the MyPark area to increase your skills such as dribbling, shooting, and defensive motions.

Facilities for Attribute Gains (Gatorade Training Facility)

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In NBA 2K19, the main facility that you will be able to utilize for increasing your attributes is the Gatorade Training facility. While here, you can do a number of different activities and training regimens that will increase your attributes. These include:

Each activity will correlate to a certain attribute. Some of these activities will increase two or three attributes at once, but usually at a reduced amount than if you were to only focus on one. For instance, sprint can increase both your stamina and your acceleration, while Agility Hurdles will increase your lateral quickness and defensive posturing.

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You may only use this facility for a certain amount of time in between your games. As such, be sure to take advantage of the entire allotted time to get the most out of the training and get better faster.

If you already have maxed out attribute stats, you can stock up on boosts instead from the Gatorade Training Facility. These will give a strong boost to your stamina, energy, and turbo boost on and off the courts, so be sure to get these with your extra VC when necessary.

Badge Training (Team Practice)

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If you have already started to peak at the top of your attribute caps and need another way to get an advantage over your opponents, ranking up your badges in team practice is your next step. You can earn badges by performing certain maneuvers and plays during a game, but that can be taxing and draining, as you may not always get the experience that you want from certain activities.

That’s where Team Practice comes into play. Between games in the NBA, you have the choice to do four different drills that can increase certain badge scores. These drills can be things like taking the same shots over and over again, as well as running certain patterns for plays.

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The scoring for the team practice is done by star levels, on a scale of one to three. Depending on your star rating, you can earn either minimal, average, or large amounts of experience for the badge. So, always shoot for that three star rating of each drill.

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