How to Block in NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 Devin Booker

NBA 2K24 Devin Booker

The long-awaited NBA 2K24 is finally here. Thus far, we covered many details and explained how controls work and how to shoot, but in this guide, we will talk about defence. Defence wins championships, and that’s why is crucial to learn how to block in NBA 2K24.

Throughout the years we noticed that 2K improved defensive gameplay, so now we have much better on-ball defence, blocking, and stealing moves.

Make your presence on the floor with sturdy D and learn how to defend the rim by rejecting shots from your opponent. Blocking shots in NBA 2K24 is pretty much straightforward, so let’s break it down.

How to block in NBA 2K24

There are a few types of blocks in NBA 2K24, such as straight-up jump block, chase-down block, and attractive spike block that is similar to a volleyball spike. You probably saw that type of block on numerous occasions when a defender swats that ball to the stands. The crowd always erupts when that occurs on the hardwood.

If you wonder how to block in NBA 2K24, it’s quite simple. PlayStation users need to press a TRIANGLE button, Xbox players have to press a Y button.

NBA 2K24 Kobe
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Now, it’s crucial to master timing because you can’t be too early or too late. Even if you’re slightly early trying to block a shot, your opponent can pump-fake you and have an open shot, which will often turn into points. If you are a bit late, that shoot will go over your hands. Anticipation and timing are everything when it comes to blocking. You have to be close to the ball-handler to have a chance. If you are far away, your block attempt will go down merely as a contested shot.

Also, you can’t expect to block with every player. Some are better than others, while a few are specialists in blocking. Players on top of this list can even block a dunk attempt, and we already explained how to dunk in NBA 2K24. Check out the Top 10 players with the highest block attribute in NBA 2K24:

1. Jaren Jackson (PF/C, Memphis Grizzlies) – 98

2. Walker Kessler (C, Utah Jazz) – 96

3. Nicolas Claxton (C, Brooklyn Nets) – 92

4. Myles Turner (C, Indiana Pacers) - 91

5. Christian Koloko (C, Toronto Raptors) – 91

6. Victor Wembanyama (C, San Antonio Spurs) – 90

7. Brook Lopez (C, Milwaukee Bucks) – 90

8. Robert Williams III (C, Boston Celtics) – 90

9. JaVale McGee (C, Sacramento Kings) – 90

10. Mark Williams (C, Charlotte Hornets) – 89

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