NBA 2K24: Can you turn off team takeover?

team takeover in NBA 2K24

team takeover in NBA 2K24

The new edition of NBA 2K comes with some changes to the old features and modes. It also comes with some fresh ones, so the players need a bit of explanation, especially the ones who never played the franchise before. We already explained what the Takeovers are and how you can use them, but in this guide, we answer the question: Can you turn off team takeover in NBA 2K24?

The Takeover system is a part of MyCAREER mode in NBA 2K24. There are some changes to it, compared to NBA 2K23, so the Takeover Badges are not part of the MyPLAYER builder process anymore. Now, you can select any of the five Takeover categories you want during a live NBA game.

Now, let’s talk about Team Takeover and how it works.

Can you turn off team takeover in NBA 2K24?

You can’t change takeovers. You’ll get one of five categories to choose from, and that cannot be changed. However, you can turn off and turn on team takeover in NBA 2K24 as you wish. Here are the five categories:






When your team fill up the Takeover meter, five icons at the top-right corner of the screen will appear. They will prompt the user to click a button that corresponds with each one. We already explained how the Takeover icons work.

What is the Team Takeover?

The Team Takeover is an exciting feature that turns your entire squad into monsters on the court. Unlike the individual takeover, where you can only boost yourself, the whole team plays better here. It lasts for a limited time, though.

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The overall performance of your squad is crucial here. All of the players have to contribute enough in order to have the team takeover meter appear. And it’s not only about making shots. Rebounds, steals, blocks, and assists, everything counts.

When the team meter is shown, you need to push the button. Click the right stick (RS for Xbox and R3 for PlayStation), and everyone on your team will get a boost. It’s a vital part of the game, which can help to win, so make sure you use it accordingly.

However, we are aware that MyCAREER mode is all about MyPLAYER, so the team takeover is not going to be used often. Still, it’s a nice feature to have, and it’s even better that you can turn it off and on when you want.

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