NBA 2K24: Can you have multiple shoe deals?

NBA 2K24 shoes

NBA 2K24 shoes

If you are new to NBA 2K24 or any edition of the 2K franchise for that matter, you may find that playing MyCAREER mode is quite exciting and engaging. But it can also be challenging and complicated at the same time. Getting a shoe deal is not that tricky, but can you have multiple shoe deals in NBA 2K24?

Endorsement and sponsorship deals will help to significantly increase your Virtual Coin balance. Without VC, you cannot upgrade MyPLAYER in MyCAREER, so securing a shoe deal is just the start.

NBA 2K24 allows you to sign with major brands and get a shoe deal of your own, just like star players do in real life. However, earning VC through a shoe deal will depend on your on-court performance.

Can you have multiple shoe deals in NBA 2K24?

To answer a burning ‘Can you have multiple shoe deals in NBA 2K24’ question - NO, you can’t. You can have one endorsement for each type of company. For instance, if you choose to sign a shoe deal with Nike, you cannot have another shoe deal with Adidas. Not until your current contract expires.

You can have a lot of endorsements at the same time as long as they are not competitors of one another in the same field. You risk losing your shoe endorsement if you wear another brand’s item, and you will receive a warning. Our advice is don’t do it and respect the contract you signed.

All shoe deals in NBA 2K24 are one-year contracts for rookies. Each shoe brand will give you on-court shoes and billboard campaigns, but the season bonus varies.

Getting a shoe deal in NBA 2K24

Back in NBA 2K23, you had to finish several quests and choose the appropriate Manager before signing a shoe deal. You needed to unlock business endorsements if you wanted to land a shoe deal and complete the Going National quest.

You can choose between seven shoe deals in NBA 2K24
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Shoe deals in NBA 2k24

In NBA 2K24, getting a shoe deal is much simpler. We answered the ‘How to get a shoe deal in NBA 2K24’ question already, and it’s pretty straightforward. You will be offered an endorsement shoe deal before your very first game in the NBA.

Now, unlike the previous edition of the franchise, when shoe brands had different criteria which must be fulfilled for getting a deal, in NBA 2K24, all seven of them will offer the same amount of VC. They will not ask for anything prior to signing a contract.

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