NBA 2K24: Can you change your build

can you change your build

can you change your build

Creating your basketball player is surely one of the most exciting features of NBA 2K24. It’s quite popular among 2K fans in with the last several years, and now, with the improved graphics and new details, your player build in MyCAREER mode will be even more enjoyable. Still, there is one important question the fans want to know: Can you change your build in NBA 2K24?

It doesn’t matter if your player's build is a center, small forward, or point guard, you can choose everything about their appearance, even tattoos you like. You can experiment how much you want. But in case you don’t like the look of your build, you can always edit them.

However, it’s not an easy thing to do for the first-timers or players with no previous 2K experience. That’s why we are here, to help you change the appearance of your build.

Can you change your build in NBA 2K24?

To change your MyPLAYER build, do the following:

  • Go to the MyCAREER menu
  • Go to MyPLAYER
  • Choose Appearance

Now, you can change anything from logos, logos, facial features, facial hair, player number, player name, uniform, and other. You can even use a face scan to import your face to your MyPLAYER build. These changes will affect your player’s look in MyNBA, Play Now, MyCAREER, and multiplayer modes.

NBA 2K24 build
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Of course, all the changes you make will not improve your build. When it comes to changing your clothes, you’ll need to go to The City and edit your City gear. Go to Suits for the MyCAREER storyline mode. Go to On Court Accessories to change the accessories for the NBA games in MyCAREER. Visit Rec Center to change your rec clothes.

Can you edit physical traits and position in NBA 2K24?

Unfortunately for NBA 2K24 fans, you cannot change certain attributes, such as weight, height, wingspan, and position. The reason for this is because these attributes can affect gameplay, unlike those mentioned earlier.

So, you can change your build in NBA 2K24, but only certain attributes. Here, you can check out how to change animations. Also, take a look at the best animations in NBA 2K24.

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