Bronny James Rating Prediction in NBA 2K25

LeBron James NBA 2K24

LeBron James NBA 2K24

Bronny James being drafted by the Lakers is perhaps the biggest story of the 2024 NBA draft. Since declaring for the draft, there was a lot of speculation around who was going to draft Bronny, or if he was going to be drafted at all.

The Lakers answered that question by drafting him with the 55th overall pick, ensuring Bronny James will be in the NBA, and also in NBA 2K25. However, fans are now wondering what is rating will be.

Bronny James Rating Prediction

Perhaps Bronny James' draft number already answers this question, as a 55 OVR seems appropriate. Rookies normally always have a lower rating in NBA 2K, second-round picks even more so, so it would be a huge surprise if Bronny reaches or surpasses the 60 OVR mark.

Bronny James will most likely spend most of his first year in the G-League, playing for the South Bay Lakers, as was recently reported by Adrian Wojnarowski.

It's expected we will see him take the court with his father, LeBron James, in the first week of the season, since that is a moment everyone wants to see, and that even LeBron has talked about in the past.

However, after that, it should be a year of G-League for Bronny James, so he can develop into a true NBA player, and reach his untapped potential. The reality is that, despite being drafted into the NBA, Bronny still isn't a true NBA player, at least not yet as most scouts agree he has the potential to be one in the future.

Let's look at Ben Simmons for example, there have been rumors that his rating in NBA 2K25 will be a 66 OVR. Ben Simmons's career hasn't looked anything like what most fans envisioned four or five years ago, but putting everything you think of him aside, which I know is especially hard if you are a 76ers fan, Simmons is still a solid NBA player, maybe not a star, but still a solid player.

LeBron James in NBA 2K24
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LeBron James and Bronny James can become the first father-son duo to play together in the NBA!

As for Bronny, he is still progressing to that solid NBA player level, which is normal, especially if you take into account the unfortunate health problem he went through last year.

So I expect Bronny rating in NBA 2K25 to be between 55 to 60 OVR, with 55 OVR being my final bet, and I would be slightly surprised if he gets a 60 OVR card. But just like in life, you never know what the NBA 2K ratings have in store.

What do you think Bronny James' rating will be in NBA 2K25? Let us know in the comments below!

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