What is FF14 Error 2002 and how do you fix it?

Final Fantasy 14 has been going for over a decade now and has only gotten bigger and better. With tonnes of updates, expansions and changes, it has finally become the game that people have been looking for since Final Fantasy X1 way back in 2002.

Unfortunately, players have been hit by the Final Fantasy 14 2002 error code recently and don't know why. Here's what you should know about the FF14 error.

What is Final Fantasy 14 2002 Error?

Final Fantasy 14 2002 is an error code that pops up when servers are heavily congested. If the team aren't prepared for the arrival of a huge playerbase, they may mess with the servers.

This likely means the team are focusing on increasing server limits and easing some of that congestion. It seems likely that you will see this message as you are exiting character creation and it tries to assign you a server.

Why is this happening?

If you are familar with the game, you likely know that Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker has just dropped - a huge new expansion continuing the story.

This is a bit of a renaissance for the game and tonnes of players are now piling in to give it a go for themselves.

How to fix Final Fantasy 14 Error code 2002

It may be unfortunate to say but there's not much you can do right now. Generally, you will just have to wait for this to solve itself in the future.

You can try different servers though and some full servers will even let you in to defeat some of the story missions. Give it a couple of days and these issues should sort themselves out. If they don't, keep an eye on the Twitter page for all the latest updates.

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