How to Fast Travel in New World

New World is a very dense MMORPG but that doesn't mean travelling across the map can't be tedious at times. Luckily, there are some fast travel options on hand to help make this journey a little easier.

One is a free-to-use recall method and the other uses an in-game resource called Azoth. Here are your fast travel options in New World.

How to Fast Travel in New World

Fast travelling in New World is unlocked fairly early on in the game. Once you reach your first settlement, Monarch Bluffs, you can activate both. First, you can find one of the fast travel points next to the town hall.

These points are available all over the New World map and can be used to fast travel between settlements. Fast Travel can also be done from the map whilst you are in any settlement too.

New World Fast Travel
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This is the primary way of fast travelling but it can only be done within towns and settlements, you can not do it out in the wild. Instead, you can use Inn Recall to head back to a settlement when out in the wild.

Also, using this form of fast travel requires Azoth, a resource currency that is not hugely common early in the game. It costs around 50-100 Azoth to fast travel depending on how far you want to travel and how much equipment you are carrying.

As part of the first few quests in Monarch Bluffs, you'll be tasked with registering with the local Inn. You can change the selected Inn as you discover new locations.

You can then open your map and recall to the Inn you are currently registered with. There is a limit on this though as it is free to use so there is a one-hour cooldown on it. The good thing is that this is real-time not in-game time so logging out doesn't stop the timer on the cooldown.

New World Recall to Inn Fast Travel
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