Madden 24 Trailer: Reveal trailer is here

The NFL season feels like it is ages away, but the first Madden 24 trailer is right around the corner. With speculation flying about this year's game, there is plenty to look forward to.

Madden 24 is already being labeled as a "make-or-break" game for EA, as their license deal with the NFL comes up for renewal and rivals 2K are set to bring out their own NFL title soon.

So when will we get a look at the first Madden 24 trailer? Let's find out!

Latest News - Gameplay first look

We finally got a first look at Madden 24 gameplay today. For the first time in a long time, fans got a chance to see how the gameplay for Madden24 looks. It was also the first time fans saw how the gameplay was impacted by the new features.

The gameplay video arrived on 2 August at 11am ET / 4pm BST and was done by two Madden pros.

Aaron Rodgers throwing a jump pass in Madden 24
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JUMP MAN - New animations will make players stand out more

It showcased the most important gameplay features, and how they were tuned in Madden 24. Man coverage and press coverage were massively nerfed, while the QBs effectiveness while outside the pocket was improved.

Many other features such as blocking, the new catching animations, and AI improvements were showcased in the broadcast.

Madden 24 Franchise deep dive trailer

The Madden 24 Franchise deep dive trailer has finally been released, and it introduced plenty of changes.

Madden 24 will give players new customization tools and add a highly requested fan feature.

Madden 24 training camp
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This trailer also allows players a look at the reworked trade system, new Free agency negotiation tactics, and the expanded draft class generator.

Madden 24 Gameplay Trailer revealed

To the joy of the Madden community, EA Sports has finally released the Madden 24 Gameplay Trailer. The trailer covered all the new gameplay changes that Madden 24 brings.

Among the many changes, the AI improvements, the introduction of the SAPIEN Technology, and the new blocking system are the ones that stand out.

Madden 24 gameplay
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These changes are expected to take the title to a new level and provide fans with a unique gaming experience. Because of these improvements, Madden 24 will also be the most realistic football game ever made.

Madden 24 trailer and cover athlete revealed

Fans were finally able to get a glimpse of Madden 24. With Madden 24 being arguably the most important game in franchise history, fans were eager to see what EA Sports has in store for them.

On 7 June, at 11 AM ET/16 PM GMT, the trailer for Madden 24 was revealed. It happened on the official Madden YouTube channel, and plenty of Madden fans tuned in.

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Madden 24 Reveal Trailer
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Fans got to know the cover athlete of Madden 24, some of the new celebrations and animations added to the game, and the pre-order bonus of the Deluxe edition.

Madden 24 trailer

The Super Bowl is a distant memory and pre-season is still months away, but EA is about to rev the Madden hype train into gear. Last year saw the official reveal trailer for Madden 23 hit on 2 June. This year, the trailer arrived some days later, on 7 June.

Justin Jefferson in Madden 23
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COVER STAR - Could Justin Jefferson break the QB streak?

Now that the Madden 24 trailer has been released, a full gameplay trailer should follow closely behind, before a few deep-dive videos that fully explain new features.

Keep this page bookmarked for all the Madden 24 trailers and a full breakdown of each one!

Madden 24 beta

The first piece of the Madden 24 puzzle is already in place, as the Madden 24 beta starts soon. Signups for the closed beta have already been and gone, but if you weren't lucky enough to get access then you should keep your eyes peeled to social media.

Jalen Hurts makes a pass in Madden 23
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PINPOINT - Dictate the game in Madden

Official Madden NFL channels will usually give away a few codes, as will influencers and NFL personalities. Access to the beta is restricted to those who are aged 18+ and are in the USA or Canada.

Madden 24 release date

Just like in previous years, Madden 24 will launch on the third Friday of August. This means the game will be released on 18 August. Players that buy the pre-order edition have access to the title three days earlier, on the 15th.

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