Madden 24 PS5: Next-gen gameplay will take the title to a new level



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Madden 24 is still two months away, but that doesn't mean that we can't look ahead to what the title will have to offer!

If you game on a PS5 then you're in the right place, as we give you all the latest information regarding Madden 24 on the console. The next title of the franchise is expected to bring major changes, and we will cover all of them here.

So, let's check out all the information available about Madden 24.

Latest - New Superstar mode features

The Madden 24 Superstar deep dive revealed plenty of new and exciting features. These features will make Superstar mode the most realistic it has ever been. Furthermore, it will deeply immerse players in the game.

Among the many features announced, the revamped NFL combine might be the most important one. Now, the players' performances in every combined drill will heavily impact their draft stock.

Madden 24 Superstar mode NFL combine
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The mode is also introducing the Superstar Missions and social media feed features. Both features make the game mode much more entertaining. They also make users feel like they are an actual NFL player climbing their way to the top.

Gameplay first look

We finally got a first look at Madden 24 gameplay today. For the first time in a long time, fans got a chance to see how the gameplay for Madden24 looks. It was also the first time fans saw how the gameplay was impacted by the new features.

The gameplay video arrived on 2 August at 11am ET / 4pm BST and was done by two Madden pros.

Aaron Rodgers throwing a jump pass in Madden 24
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JUMP MAN - New animations will make players stand out more

It showcased the most important gameplay features, and how they were tuned in Madden 24. Man coverage and press coverage were massively nerfed, while the QBs effectiveness while outside the pocket was improved.

Many other features such as blocking, the new catching animations, and AI improvements were showcased in the broadcast.

Madden 24 Franchise deep dive trailer

The Madden 24 Franchise deep dive trailer has finally been released, and it introduced plenty of changes.

Madden 24 will give players new customization tools and add a highly requested fan feature.

Madden 24 franchise trade
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This trailer also allows players a look at the reworked trade system, new Free agency negotiation tactics, and the expanded draft class generator.

Madden 24 Gameplay Trailer revealed

To the joy of the Madden community, EA Sports has finally released the Madden 24 Gameplay Trailer.

The trailer covered all the new gameplay changes that Madden 24 brings, such as an Improved AI, the introduction of the SAPIEN Technology, and a plethora of new tackling and throw animations.

Madden 24 gameplay
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These changes are expected to take the title to a new level and provide fans with a unique gaming experience.

Madden 24 on PS5

Madden 24 will allow PS5 users to experience a plethora of new features. These features are only available for next-gen consoles. So, if you want to experience Madden 24 in all its glory, the PS5 is the perfect console to do it in.

The new Madden 24 features improve the overall gameplay. Ai players are now smarter, which enables smoother and more realistic player reactions.

Passing was also improved in Madden 24, with new throw animations, and improved catching for AI players. This makes the gaming experience much better and more immersive.

Madden 24
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AI run pathing was improved, which gives you plenty of more passing options.

Some game modes also received massive upgrades. These game modes are mostly single-player focused, such as Franchise, and Superstar. However, Madden Ultimate Team also introduced some new features.

In Madden 24, the Superstar game mode offers new customization features, plenty of new mini-games, and a live player grading system. It also introduced the Superstar Showdown, which allows players to showcase their skills in a 3v3 match, with a unique atmosphere.

The Franchise mode has been left behind for years but was finally prioritized in this edition. Developers fixed the database issues that plagued the mode and improved the contract management feature.

New mini-games, training camp drills, and a reworked team relocation feature were added to Franchise. Free agency was also completely restructured. Players can now make counter offers to cornerstone playmakers, and restructure their contracts in multiple ways.

Madden 24
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AI players will do a better job blocking for the ball carrier.

New commissioner tools were also added to the game mode. This will allow players to have full customization power over their online and offline leagues.

It's also worth noting that, Crossplay will only be available for the next-gen consoles.

Madden 24 Release Date

Madden 24 release date is Friday, 18 August 2023.

This perfectly aligns with the timing used in recent years, with Madden 23 and Madden 22 both having a worldwide launch on the third Friday in August.

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DROP BACK - EA Sports is already getting ready for the next instalment

Madden 24 will also have Early Access, which allows players to experience the game three days earlier. Players that buy the Madden 24 Deluxe edition, can start playing on Tuesday, August 15.


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Crossplay has been on the wishlist of Madden fans for years. It allows you to play online with or against people on other platforms.

Fans were left disappointed in Madden 23, with cross-play not included in the title. However, Madden 24 will finally introduce the highly anticipated feature.

Players were very excited when they heard this news. They will finally be able to play with friends that have the game on different platforms.

This feature alone makes it worth buying Madden 24. It's by far the most important feature added to the game in recent years. However, it's worth noting that, only next-gen platforms will have access to crossplay.


For those that haven't been able to get hold of a PS5 yet, but think they might be able to during Madden 24's cycle, cross-platform could be a key inclusion on the game.

Madden 23 included Dual Entitlement on the All Madden Edition, which granted access to PS4 and PS5 versions, with some progress syncing as long as you're using the same account for each.

Madden 24
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Everything in Madden Ultimate Team could transfer except progress in competitive modes, and all progression in The Yard carried over, however, Franchise Mode and Face of the Franchise had absolutely zero carry-over for your save files.

So far, we still don't know if progress syncing between old-gen and next-gen consoles will be possible. However, the PlayStation store has a warning saying:

Game progress may not transfer between platforms.

This might indicate that, while some users will be able to transfer their progress others might find some issues with it.

Madden 24 is the most important title in franchise history

Madden 24 will either "make or break" the gaming franchise. The title has been the only NFL game for years, having a stronghold over the market. In the opinion of many fans, the lack of competition led to a slow decline in the game quality.

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Madden 24 needs to be a great game to win the Madeen community back. Some big errors that have taken place in past years have also made fans a little bit angry.

After an update of Madden 23 made many players lose their Franchise mode saves, EA was met with heavy backlash from the community. To once again fall in the good graces of the Madden community, EA will have to deliver a groundbreaking game.

Madden 24 trailer

Fans were finally able to get a glimpse of Madden 24. On 7 June, at 11 AM ET/16 PM GMT, the trailer for Madden 24 was revealed, on a broadcast that took place on the official Madden YouTube channel.

Madden 24 Reveal Trailer
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It was the first time fans got a chance to see what Madden 24 looks like.

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