Madden 24: Players are missing pre-order rewards & points

Madden 24

Madden 24

The launch of Madden 24 was everything but smooth. Players have experienced multiple problems, such as servers crashing, not being able to launch the game, and many others.

However, there was one specific problem that really left the Madden community in uproar. That was the missing pre-order rewards that many players, especially the PS5 ones, were affected by.

This is something that heavily affects players since they paid extra to have access to those rewards. EA Sports is working on fixing the problem, but there are still many players who are facing this issue.

Madden 24 players are missing their pre-order rewards

Many Madden 24 players launched the game and quickly realized they didn't receive any of the pre-order rewards and points they paid for. This is something that affected mostly PS5 players, but some Xbox Series S/X users were also affected.

Madden 24 pre-order rewards
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What's even worse, is that some players received their Madden 24 rewards and points in their old-gen console, when they had pre-order the new-gen version. This is especially bad because there is no way of transferring points from the old-gen consoles to the new ones.

Players are upset about not being able to fully experience something they paid for. While some users are opening their pre-order packs, and building their teams using the pre-order points, others can only wait for EA to fix this problem.

Josh Allen MUT card rating causes discontentment

To add salt to the wound, the Josh Allen card, which is a part of the pre-order rewards, is only an 83 OVR. When users bought the Madden 24 Deluxe Edition, and saw they would receive a "Josh Allen Elite Player Item", they were expecting a much better card. So, it's safe to say players have plenty of reasons to be angry.

Madden 24 Josh Allen
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Players were expecting a higher-rated Josh Allen card.

All things combined, the Madden 24 release has been a disaster. Players didn't receive their rewards, servers crashed just after the game launched, and some users still can't launch the game. EA Sports already has a lot of problems to fix, and this is still the first day of early access.

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