Madden 24 Most Feared: New cards are here!

Madden 24 Most Feared Program Cover

Madden 24 Most Feared Program Cover

The calendar has turned to October which means Madden 24 Most Feared is on the way. With Madden 24 Season 2 here and Halloween around the corner, things are about to get spooky in Ultimate Team!

The annual Most Feared program is the first really massive landmark in the MUT season and one that players can't wait to experience. So what can fans expect from Most Feared this season? Let's take a look.

New Most Feared cards are here!

We have entered the fourth and final week of the Most Feared program. This means that the Most Feared IV release will be the last batch of Most Feared cards to arrive at MUT.

As usual, the new Most Feared cards were revealed in a GMM stream, which took place on Thursday at around 10:30 pm ET. Two new sets were also introduced, allowing users to exchange players for two of the Most Feared Champions cards.

Now that all the Most Feared release IV cards have been announced, let's take a look at them. In case you missed it, below you can also check out the Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 Most Feared cards.

Week 1

Madden 24 Most Feared Avonte Maddox card
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Elites (83 OVRs)

  • Rudy Ford - FS - Packers
  • Devin Duvernay - WR - Ravens
  • Mike ADanna - LE - Chiefs
  • Evan Neal - RT - Giants
  • Sione Takitaki - LOLB - Browns
  • D.J. Humphries - LT - Cardinals
  • Kareem Jackson -SS -Broncos
  • Dawson Knox -TE - Bills

Heroes (87 OVRs)

  • Malik Hoojer - FS - Cowboys
  • Tyler Higbee -TE - Rams
  • Kendall Fuller - CB - Commanders
  • Gabe Davis - WR - Bills
  • Joe Tryon-Shoyinka - ROLB - Buccaneers
  • Tee Higgins - WR - Bengals

Arcana Champions (90 OVRs)

  • Avonte Maddox - CB - Eagles
  • Cooper Kupp - WR - Rams
  • Matthew Judon - LOLB - Patriots
  • George Kittle - TE - 49ers
  • Von Miller - RE - Bills

Most Feared Champions (90 OVRs)

  • Budda Baker -SS - Cardinals
  • Maurkice Pouncey - C - Steelers
  • Jared Allen - LE - Vikings
  • Marshawn Lynch - HB - Seahawks

Week 2

Ja'Marr Chase in Madden 24 Most Feared
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Ja'Marr Chase card in Most Feared Week 2

Elites (83 OVRs)

  • D.J. Jones - DT - Broncos
  • Brian Robinson Jr. - HB - Commanders
  • Jonathan Jones - CB - Patriots
  • Dan Moore Jr. - LT - Steelers
  • Devonte Wyatt - DE - Packers
  • Andrus Peat - LG - Saints
  • Zaven Collins - ROLB - Cardinals
  • Tyler Conklin - TE - Jets

Heroes (87 OVRs)

  • Jaelan Phillips - ROLB - Dolphins
  • Landon Dickerson - LG - Eagles
  • Kyzir White - MLB - Cardinals
  • Mac Jones - QB - Patriots
  • Jalen Pitre - SS - Texans
  • Juwan Johnson - TE - Saints

Arcana Champions (90 OVRs)

  • Jonathan Allen - DT - Commanders
  • Adam Prentice - FB - Saints
  • Johnny Hekker - P - Panthers
  • Zack Martin - RG - Cowboys
  • Laremy Tunsil - LT - Texans

Most Feared Champions (90 OVRs)

  • Amani Hooker - SS - Titans
  • Anthony Walker Jr. - MLB - Browns
  • Geno Smith - QB - Seahawks
  • Ja'Marr Chase - WR - Bengals

Week 3

Madden 24 Most Feared Justin Simmons card
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The remaining Most Feared cards will be announced on the 26 October GMM stream.

Elites (83 OVRs)

  • Andrew Billings - DT - Bears
  • Riley Dixon - P - Broncos
  • Yannick Ngakoue - RE - Bears
  • Sterling Shepard - WR - Giants
  • Raekwon Davis - DT - Dolphins
  • Jimmy Garoppolo - QB - Raiders
  • Quay Walker - MLB - Packers
  • Trey Pipkins III - RT - Chargers

Heroes (87 OVRs)

  • Sean Murphy-Bunting - CB - Titans
  • Darnell Mooney - WR - Bears
  • Grady Jarrett - RE - Falcons
  • Breece Hall - HB - Jets
  • Shaq Thompson - MLB - Panthers

Arcana Champions (90 OVRs)

  • Lamar Jackson - QB - Ravens
  • Justin Simmons - FS - Broncos
  • Harrison Butker - K - Chiefs
  • Devin White - MLB - Buccaneers
  • Donald Parham Jr - TE - Chargers

Most Feared Champions (90 OVRs)

  • Josh Allen - LOLB - Jaguars
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  • Kayvon Thibodeaux - ROLB - Giants
  • Jaire Alexandre - CB - Packers
  • Davante Adams - WR - Raiders

Week 4

Madden 24 Most Feared Bradley Chubb
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Mysterious Spirit player (89 OVRs)

  • Terry Tate - ROLB - Most Feared

Arcana Champions (90 OVRs)

  • Bradley Chubb - LOLB - Dolphins
  • Garret Wilson - WR - Jets

Most Feared Champions (90 OVRs)

  • Alvin Kamara - HB - Saints
  • Night Train Lane - CB - Lions

The Most Feared program will have two tiers of Champions cards, making it an even more unique program. The first champions are the Arcana champions, which have built-on abilities that you can't remove. Then, we have the Most Feared champions, which consists of four players with spectacular attributes and X-Factors.

As was expected, the Most Feared cards have some astonishing attributes and great X-Factors, and it won't take long until some of them become meta. Here are all the cards of the Madden 24 Most Feared program.

Madden 24 Most Feared release time

Season 2 has already started and it brought the exciting Hispanic Heritage Month and Unstoppable program. The Most Feared program is the next one to arrive at MUT, and it will go live on Thursday 19 October, at around 1:30 pm ET/6:30 pm BST.

All of the information about the program, including the cards, rewards, and challenges, was revealed in the latest GMM stream, which took place on Wednesday 18 October, at around 8:30 pm ET/1:30 am BST.

Madden 24 Most Feared program cover
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The program is a three-part release program, with four content drops. It will last three weeks and will introduce plenty of great cards, making it the first huge event of the season.

The Most Feared program will deliver some spooky cards, entertaining challenges, and a plethora of rewards players can earn. So, let's take a look at some of the challenges and rewards players can earn.


The Most Feared program has plenty of rewards fans can earn. It has a login calendar, which means users can earn a new reward every day just by logging in to MUT. Each day you log in your calendar will progress, and allow you to earn exclusive cards, XP, and treats.

Madden 24 Most Feared login in calendar
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Treats are an in-game currency which will allow you to redeem in-store offers, such as a 90 OVR Arcana champion, among many other items. Players will also be able to earn Jack-O-Lantern tokens, which similar to treats, can be used to complete some Jack-O-Lantern sets, redeem different items, and even get a special pack.

There will also be a day-one login reward, with users receiving a mystery player which can be upgraded. This player will only be revealed when the program goes live.

Solo challenges & Field Pass

There will be plenty of challenges through the three weeks of Most Feared to keep players engaged, and there will be a nice Field Pass too. Players will also earn a free 90 OVR Cody Whitehair card.

The Most Feared program will have two batches of challenges. They will be called the Most Feared challenges and the Arcana challenges, with players being able to earn plenty of different rewards in both of them. We also have two separate Treats challenges, which will put players against the CPU.

Madden 24 Most Feared program field pass
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One is called the Trick or Treat the Neighborhood, and players will need to defeat the CPU to earn treats, move to a different house and complete the Neighborhood. When players finish this challenge, they will earn a Trick or Treat Neighborhood reward pack. The other challenge is called the Haunted House and offers a similar reward.

As for the Field Pass, it contains plenty of rewards, such as great cards, a lot of XP, and plenty of treats. As mentioned above, you can use treats to redeem in-store offers. So, just like on Halloween, it's good to have as many treats as possible.


MUT loves running with some complex Chemistries at the moment, and Most Feared is no different. Last year we had vampires, werewolves, and gargoyles, this year, we have Meanacing Monolith, Sinister Strength, Halfback Havoc, Receivers Ruin, and Contemptible Coverage.

Madden 24 Most Feared Chemistries
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Unfortunately, these chemistries can't be used on MUT Champs or H2H. They can only be used on challenges, squad battles, and the special H2H2 event that will be announced shortly.

Thankfully, you have plenty of challenges to complete, and the special H2H event will allow you to test these new chemistries against real players.

How to get the Monster Morph Coin

To obtain the Monster Morph Coin in Madden 24, you must first reach level 4 in the Most Feared (MF) Field Pass and equip the strategy that you receive. The MF Field Pass is similar to a battle pass but for the Halloween event. To do this, you need to complete all the Most Feared Challenges.

To access the MF Field Pass in Madden 24, go to Live Events, hold LT (Xbox) or L2 (PlayStation) and select Most Feared. This will show you how far you have progressed in the little battle pass.

Once you reach level four, the game will give you several strategy items to choose from. Once you have selected the strategy you want, go to Lineup and select the Strategies section. Then, go to Program and select the strategy you earned earlier. This will unlock MUT Squads, which allows you to play your game again.

We hope this article answered all the questions you had about the Most Feared program. For more guides and all the latest news about Madden 24, check out Realsport101.

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