Madden 24: Best QB build in Superstar Mode

Our Superstar QB scrambles out to throw in Madden 24

Our Superstar QB scrambles out to throw in Madden 24

Superstar mode is back in Madden 24 and that means you need a best QB build if you want to make the next great signal caller! Players have the ability to create and control your very own QB and take them from the Combine to the Super Bowl.

But you do need to DRAG your team to a win as the AI players can be rather poor in Superstar mode. So with that in mind, here's the build you will want to go with for a QB in Madden 24 Superstar mode.

Best QB build in Madden 24

Once you have selected your name & college and created your avatar in Superstar mode, you will need to modify your phyisque. This is where building your player really starts.

You'll need to decide if you want to be an agile QB, be balanced, or be a bruiser. Agile QB's have better agilty and speed, as well as having higher spin moves, juke moves, and throw on the run. This comes at the expense of strength and stamina, as well as lower throw power, stiff arm, and break sack attributes. Balanced, as the name suggests, balances these out.

Our agile QB build in Madden 24 Superstar mode
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We suggest going with this build, a 6'2", 211lb QB who gets the agile moniker. This will give you 89 agility and 89 speed. With the QB scramble such a deadly play this year having the speed to break the pocket and pick up yards with your legs is vital. You can add back the arm strength as you improve. We pick this route because you can't add skill points to your speed, but can improve your throw power along the way.

Skill point spending in Madden 24
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Think of this as a Lamar Jackson build. You'll be able to move and make plays with your legs, while still throwing on the run. You can set the visual sliders however you like as these won't impact the attributes at all.

Then all that's left is to complete the Combine and get drafted. The better you do at the Combine drills and the Combine interview the better your attributes will be and the higher you'll get drafted.

Abilities & X-Factors

At the very start of your journey with your QB you can only equip the bronze tier ability "QB playmaker", so just go ahead and add that right away. But what about as you level up?

Well, you will unlock a silver slot at level 8 and three gold slots at levels 15, 25, and 35. While the X-Factor slot is already unlocked you aren't getting any of those until you hit level 20 or complete certain missions.

x-Factor slot in Madden 24 superstar mode
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Once you do unlock those slots you will want to add the following:

  • Skill #1: Inside Deadeye
  • Skill #2: Pass Lead Elite
  • Skill #3: Throw Power
  • Skill #4: Deep Throw Accuracy
  • X-Factor: Bazooka

This combination will cover up some of those stat weaknesses we start with in this build, and make you a true run 'n' gun threat on the field. Capable of throwing bombs and running by defenders!

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