Madden 19: Tallest wide receivers (WR)

With cornerbacks being every bit as athletic as receivers in the modern NFL, sometimes the only option is to go high. Who are the tallest wide receivers in Madden 19?

With world-class athletes all over the field it can be tough for wide receivers to find space. The likes of Jalen Ramsey and Patrick Peterson can keep up with anyone. So how do you find real estate that doesn’t have a cornerback on it? You go tall of course. It’s still true that the average wide receiver is taller than your average cornerback or safety, meaning the high pass is still a profitable tactic for offenses.

How to choose the tallest wide receivers in Madden 19’s Franchise Mode

Frustratingly, you can’t sort the Madden 19 roster by height (or weight), but you don’t have to comb through the entire database looking for giants, because we have done that for you. If you really want to exploit the high pass, then you’ll want to take into account jumping, catching, and the spectacular catch stat before setting your sights on a tall receiver. Here are all the wide receivers in Madden 19 that are 6’4″ or taller.

Michael Clark, Green Bay Packers (OVR 58)

Age: 21

Development Trait: Normal

Contract: 1 year/$550k

2018 Cap Hit: $550k

Height: 6’7″

Stats: Jumping (80), Speed (88), Catching (77), Spectacular Catch (78)

The tallest wide receiver in Madden 19 is Michael Clark, who stands alone at 6’7″. The former Marshall man went undrafted in 2017 but landed with the Packers and made their practice squad after training camp. In December of last year Clark was promoted to the Packers active roster and finished the year with four catches and 41 yards.

After not reporting to camp this season it was revealed that Clark had opted to retire from football, so expect him to be removed from the rosters soon. Until then, if you want the tallest wide receiver, Michael Clark is your guy.

Carlton Agudosi, Arizona Cardinals (OVR 58)

Age: 24

Development Trait: Normal

Contract: 2 years/$1.05m

2018 Cap Hit: $520k

Height: 6’6″

Stats: Jumping (94), Speed (85), Catching (76), Spectacular Catch (76)

Undrafted in 2017, Carlton Agudosi is one of just four wide receivers that checks in at a massive 6’6″, and out of those three he has the best jumping (94).

Agudosi hasn’t had much of a football career, which would explain his extremely low 58 OVR. He played 45 games for Rutgers over four years and caught just 35 passes for 513 yards and two touchdowns. Once Clark is removed from the roster, Agudosi will become the best option available if you want a tall receiver. With great jumping (94) and solid speed (85) he can trouble any defense.

Brandon Coleman, New Orleans Saints (OVR 77)

Age: 26

Development Trait: Normal

Contract: 1 year/$710k

2018 Cap Hit: $710k

Height: 6’6″

Stats: Jumping (87), Speed (88), Catching (84), Spectacular Catch (84)

Undrafted in 2014, Brandon Coleman quickly found a home with the New Orleans Saints and has been a useful part of their offense since 2015. In three years with the active roster Coleman has caught 79 passes for 1,099 yards and eight touchdowns.

With strong catch stats compared to the rest of the 6’6″ receivers and good jumping (87), Coleman is one of the best options in Madden 19 if you favor size over everything else.

Tanner McEvoy, Seattle Seahawks (OVR 69)

Age: 25

Development Trait: Normal

Contract: 1 year/$540k

2018 Cap Hit: $540k

Height: 6’6″

Stats: Jumping: (87), Speed (87), Catching (79), Spectacular Catch (80)

If you don’t want the long road to competence that is Carlton Agudosi, you can get a little head start with Tanner McEvoy. The Seattle man was undrafted in 2016 after three unspectacular years playing all over the field for Wisconsin. He was a quarterback, safety, and receiver in his time with the Badgers, and though he measured 6’5″ at his pro day, Madden has made him 6’6″.

With solid jumping (87) and reasonable speed (87) you can really make something of McEvoy with a little perseverance.

Jaleel Scott, Baltimore Ravens (OVR 69)

Age: 23

Development Trait: Normal

Contract: 4 years/$2.98m

2018 Cap Hit: $690k

Height: 6’6″

Stats: Jumping (85), Speed (87), Catching (80), Spectacular Catch (88)

Jaleel Scott is the third and final 6’6″ receiver in Madden 19. The rookie was drafted in the fourth round this year by the Ravens after a good senior season at New Mexico State. He reeled in 76 catches for 1,079 yards and nine touchdowns in just 12 games.

Like McEvoy, Scott has a better chance of developing into an all-round receiver rather than just a high ball threat. He has good catching (80) and speed (87), some improvements to his route running will make him a consistent threat for defenses.

Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (OVR 89)

Age: 25

Development Trait: Star

Contract: 5 years/$84.3m

2018 Cap Hit: $15.7m

Height: 6’5″

Stats: Jumping (94), Speed (88), Catching (89), Spectacular Catch (96)

Mike Evans is 6’5″ and brilliant. A first-round pick for the Bucs in 2014, Evans has registered at least 1,000 yards in every season he’s played despite missing some games and working through inconsistencies at the quarterback position.

He’s already caught 309 passes in his four years, with a total of 4,579 yards and 32 touchdowns. Evans is so much more than just a high pass threat. He can really do it all and would be a starter on any team.

Chris Matthews, Free Agent (OVR 67)

Age: 28

Development Trait: Normal

Contract: N/A

2018 Cap Hit: N/A

Height: 6’5″

Stats: Jumping (92), Speed (86), Catching (81), Spectacular Catch (82)

Chris Matthews first hit the headlines with a stellar performance in Super Bowl XLIX for Seattle. He caught four passes for 109 yards and a touchdown as New England struggled to cope with his size.

Matthews was unable to replicate that success the following season and left Seattle, landing in Baltimore where he once again struggled. A free agent at the moment, Matthews’ has a wonderful blend of size and ability in Madden 19. With a 92 jump stat and reasonable speed (86), Matthews can be a good red zone weapon.

Marlon Brown, Chicago Bears (OVR 70)

Age: 27

Development Trait: Normal

Contract: 1 year/$700k

2018 Cap Hit: $700k

Height: 6’5″

Stats: Jumping (88), Speed (87), Catching (80), Spectacular Catch (87)

Undrafted in 2013, Brown made the Ravens that year as a free agent and caught 49 passes for 524 yards and seven touchdowns. It seemed like he would be a part of the Ravens offense for a while, but he found himself down the pecking order, and by 2015 would make just 14 catches for 112 yards.

Since leaving the Ravens after the 2015 season Brown has not caught a pass in the NFL. Now with the Bears, the big receiver has another chance to make an impact with an offense that is searching for weapons. In Madden 19 Brown’s good speed (87) and strong spectacular catch stat (87) make him a good candidate to be your go-to tall wide receiver.

Mekale McKay, Free Agent (OVR 63)

Age: 25

Development Trait: Normal

Contract: N/A

2018 Cap Hit: N/A

Height: 6’5″

Stats: Jumping (88), Speed (88), Catching (75), Spectacular Catch (73)

Mekale McKay was undrafted in 2016 after an indifferent college career with Arkansas and then Cincinnati. In his three years with the Bearcats McKay made 87 catches for 1,717 yards and 17 touchdowns. His 19.7 yards per reception average was outstanding, but an unspectacular combine left scouts unimpressed.

McKay was picked up by the Jaguars and then the Bears, and is now with the Cowboys, but is yet to see a snap in the NFL. His hands in Madden 19 are not great, but he has good speed (88) and jumping (88), so if you can persist with him and raise those catching stats he could be a nice option for your offense.

Jordan Taylor, Denver Broncos (OVR 70)

Age: 26

Development Trait: Normal

Contract: 1 year/$630k

2018 Cap Hit: $630k

Height: 6’5″

Stats: Jumping (87), Speed (88), Catching (82), Spectacular Catch (84)

Taylor was undrafted in 2015 and landed on the Denver Broncos practice squad. It was perhaps the best thing that could happen to him as he spent time working with Peyton Manning. He made the Broncos roster in 2016 and ended the season with 16 catches, 209 yards, two touchdowns and a Super Bowl ring.

Still with the Broncos, Taylor is looking to make the roster for a third-straight season. In Madden 19 Taylor has a superb balance, with solid catching (82) and good speed (88) as well as that 6’5″ height.

Other tall wide receivers

NameTeamOVRHeightJumpingSpeedDevelopment Trait
Kelvin BenjaminBuffalo Bills846’5″8785Normal
Equanimeous St BrownGreen Bay Packers676’5″8390Normal
Auden TateCincinnati Bengals686’5″8085Normal
Marquez Valdes-ScantlingGreen Bay Packers706’5″7593Normal
AJ GreenCincinnati Bengals936’4″9790Star
Justin HunterPittsburgh Steelers726’4″9490Normal
Marquess WilsonPhiladelphia Eagles736’4″9387Normal
Martavis BryantOakland Raiders816’4″9293Normal
Tyrell WilliamsLos Angeles Chargers826’4″9191Quick
Brandon MarshallSeattle Seahawks816’4″9086Normal
Allen LazardJacksonville Jaguars646’4″9087Normal
Tim PatrickDenver Broncos616’4″8990Normal
Devin FunchessCarolina Panthers826’4″8889Quick
Terrelle PryorNew York Jets756’4″8890Normal
Courtland SuttonDenver Broncos756’4″8789Quick
Andre HolmesBuffalo Bills756’4″8787Normal
KJ BrentIndianapolis Colts626’4″8788Normal
Kenny GolladayDetroit Lions786’4″8590Quick
Mack HollinsPhiladelphia Eagles716’4″8590Normal
Marcus KempKansas City Chiefs626’4″8588Normal
Marcell AtemanOakland Raiders686’4″8486Normal
Marquis BundyNew York Giants606’4″8389Normal
Javon WimsChicago Bears686’4″8288Normal
Mike WilliamsLos Angeles Chargers796’4″8089Normal
Simmie Cobbs JrWashington Redskins646’4″7485Normal

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