When does League of Legends 12.13 release?

Keeping the League of Legends summer rolling, LoL patch 12.13 isn't pulling any punches as it's set to be a nice follow-up to a rather small 12.12 patch.

With the new update, players can look forward to exciting new content. This includes the new champion, Nilah, the Sivir mid-scope update, a Gwen rework, new Star Guardian skins, and, as always, the usual balancing and tuning.

That being said, when does all of this come out? Here's when League of Legends 12.13 releases

When does League of Legends 12.13 release?

Following the League of Legends Season 12 patch schedule, the LoL 12.13 update is set to release on Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

Once the patch is live, players will be able to enjoy the new champion, Nilah, Sivir's mid-scope update, new Star Guardian skins, and plenty of buffs and nerfs.

However, it's worth noting that due to Riot going on break for the week of July the 4th, the timeline may change.

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League of Legends Patch 12.13 highlights

League of Legends patch 12.13 will be exciting, so here's a small rundown of everything that's coming in it.

  • New champion release, Nilah
    • For all of her abilities and more, visit our Nilah hub here.
  • Sivir's mid-scope update finally arrives
  • Gwen rework
  • A total of 15 champions will be buffed, nerfed, or changed
  • Lethality Mythics, Duskblade, Prowler's Claw, and Eclipse move speed buffs
    • Eclipse small side nerf
  • System Adjustments to Divine Sunderer

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LoL 12.13 Skins

In addition to the myriad of changes hitting the game, League's thirteenth patch this season is set to introduce six new skins.

These skins will be additions to the ever-so-popular Star Guardian line that began in 2015.

When does League of Legends 12.13 release? - Star Guardian Sona
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Credit: Riot Games
LONG-AWAITED RETURN: Sona partakes in the Star Guardian skin line return

Ekko, Kai'Sa, Sona, Fiddlesticks, and new champion, Nilah will all partake in the famous skin line with Ekko getting a Prestige Edition as well.

Most of these skins will rock a 1350 RP price tag, with Kai'Sa's skin being priced at 1820 RP and Ekko's Prestige skin being priced at 125 ME.

For more information on the new skins coming in 12.9 including their animations, visit here.

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