LoL Season 13 - best top laners for the new season

top laners in League of Legends

top laners in League of Legends

League of Legends season 13 has had a bit of a bumpy start. But, for junglers and top laners, this new year is looking good.

Champions in the meta who are tankier are enjoying the current season due to the new items they have.

The preseason items released were definitely focussed on supporting those champions who can last longer.

And as tanks do the best in the top lane or support role, the top lane has been getting some great treatment recently.

But, with many tanky champions who are good in the top lane, it can be confusing about who is the best to play.

So, let's look at the best top lane champions to play in League of Legends season 13.

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Best Champions to Play in League of Legends Season 13

Here are the best champions to play in the top lane as of season 13.


Mordekaiser in League of Legends
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Top lane and the jungle in LoL have really gained traction with the new items and buffs to certain champions.

One of a couple of champions who can play both well is Mordekaiser.

Successful top laners are mostly tanks that can also output a lot of damage. Additionally, they last a long time to put out high damage is the key here.

And Mordekaiser is the best for hitting both of those targets.

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Shen in League of Legends

shen in league of legends
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Shen's biggest selling point is his ultimate ability. Acting as a brick wall in the middle of a fight is brilliant to protect damage dealers.

Heartsteel has been a huge issue for the League of Legends community but with tanks, it makes them unstoppable.

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Aatrox in the top lane

Aatrox in League of Legends
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Aatrox has had a really nice spike in win rate recently due to improvements focussing on the top lane.

Aatrox has always had some elements of strength, but season 13 is definitely the time to pick him up.

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