League of Legends MasteryChart - How to see your graphic

League of Legends MasteryChart

League of Legends MasteryChart

League of Legends is now well into Season 13, with a ton of new content and some big changes on the way. A new competitive year is also just kicking off, so you can watch your favourite pros in action across all major regions, as they try to break down the meta.

There are a fair few ways to see a breakdown of how much League you've played, but everyone loves a great visual representation. Here's everything you need to know about MasteryChart, the latest way to show off to your friends, or see how you've evolved over the years.

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What is League of Legends MasteryChart?

MasteryChart is a great way to see which champions you've played most over the years and can have surprising results. It shows which champions you have the most mastery points on, as well as your total, and by which role you've played.

League of Legends MasteryChart
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As you would expect, the larger bubbles show the champions you have the most points on, and the smaller ones show champions you've played less. Each champion you've played in a Normal, ARAM, or Ranked game of League of Legends, will appear.

The more champions you've played, the better the graphic will look. This can be a great tool for reminding you of the champions you used to main, for a cheeky pocket pick in ranked.

How to see your MasteryChart

The link you'll find on google is a little dodgy, and will quite often give you a page error. Follow this link to take you straight to the site, and input your region and summoner name to see your graphic.

Make sure to put in your current League of Legends summoner name, not the original, unlike many sites with similar features. Tweet us your mastery charts so we can all compare, even you one-tricks, we want to see them all.

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