Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit - YouTuber Creates Rainbow Road

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a new AR Mario Kart game, allowing you build your own courses in your home and race them on your Nintendo Switch.

When it comes to Home Circuit your only limitation is your imagination, and maybe your cat.

How Does It Work?

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit uses AR technology, the same as that used in games such as Pokemon Go.

The game is essentially a real life Mario Kart, with either Mario or Luigi in a remote controlled car, except it is controlled via your Nintendo Switch.

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The cars have a camera on them which allows you to see from Mario or Luigi's perspective while playing.

While racing you can use boosts, collect power ups, and race against AI players.

Courses are by you in your house, create a route using things in your home and then map it in the game with a start point so it can be raced.

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It Is An Expensive Experience

To enjoy Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit it will cost you a lot more than a standard game.

Each set will cost £99.99 for both Mario and Luigi.

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The sets set includes 1 Kart, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit digital download code, 4 gates, 2 arrow marker, and a USB charging cable.

If you want to play with other members of your household it will end up costing a minimum of almost £200.

Rainbow Road

YouTube creator Critbox uploaded a video where they created their own Rainbow Road in their home.

mario kart live home circuit critbox rainbow road
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Critxbox mentioned in the YouTube description that "This was a perfect opportunity for me to dig up all of the colorful LEDs and Mario crap I own to create the ultimate Rainbow Road for real!"

The course itself looked really fun and a lot of effort was putting into the video production, with many camera angles and graphic overlays, a very impressive and fun video to watch.


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