Mitoma v March v Mac Allister - Which player to buy for FPL DGW27

fifa 23 mitoma

fifa 23 mitoma

Brighton are one of just two teams to have a double gameweek in GW27 and in GW29 in Fantasy Premier League (FPL).

The Seagulls' upcoming Double Gameweek fixtures make a Brighton midfielder a must-have in Fantasy.

However, there are a few options when it comes to the Brighton midfield.

Kaoru Mitoma (£5.5m), Solly March (£5.1m) and Alexis Mac Allister (£5.4m) are the three most nailed-on midfielders for Roberto De Zerbi's side, but who should you buy ahead of DGW27?

We're taking a detailed look at the best Brighton midfielder for DGW27 and beyond.

Brighton upcoming fixtures

First of all, let's run through Brighton's upcoming fixtures.

The Seagulls, who currently sit in eighth position in the Premier League table, do have a blank gameweek in GW28, but that shouldn't put you off.

  • GW27 - Leeds (A)
  • GW27 - Crystal Palace (H)
  • GW28 - BLANK
  • GW29 - Brentford (H)
  • GW29 - Bournemouth (A)

Brighton are favourites to win in every single fixture throughout their DGW27 and DGW29 matches.

Player stats comparison

Over the last six games, March and Mac Allister come out on top for goal attempts with 15 each.

Mac Allister is top for big chances with 5, whilst March is also top for chances created with 11.

March has created the most big chances of any midfielder with six.

Despite this, Mitoma has accumulated the most points over this time period, scoring 38, whereas March got 20 and Mac Allister totalled 18.

fifa 23 mac allister
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BRIGHTON BOYS - Which player will you opt for?

Now, it's time to get into the nitty-gritty of Mitoma, March and Mac Allister as players, based on their stats for the season.

Here's how their underlying stats compare:

  • Minutes - Mitoma: 1117, March: 1962, Mac Allister: 1725
  • Points - Mitoma: 84, March: 108, Mac Allister: 84
  • Points / 90 - Mitoma: 6.77, March: 4.95, Mac Allister: 4.38
  • Goals - Mitoma: 6, March: 5, Mac Allister: 6
  • Goals / 90 - Mitoma: 0.48, March: 0.23, Mac Allister: 0.31
  • Assists - Mitoma: 1, March: 4, Mac Allister: 1
  • Assists / 90 - Mitoma: 0.08, March: 0.18, Mac Allister: 0.05
  • Expected goals - Mitoma: 2.99, March: 5.44, Mac Allister: 6.96
  • Expected goals / 90 - Mitoma: 0.24, March: 0.25, Mac Allister: 0.36

Who to buy

Over the course of the season, the trio have played different minutes so it's important to put great emphasis on their stats per 90.

Whilst Mitoma leads the way for points and goals per 90, both Solly March and Alexis Mac Allister have a better expected goals per 90.

However, it is important to remember that Mac Allister is on penalty duty.

We think this fact tips the scales slightly in the Argentinian's favour over Mitoma.

fifa 22 brighton
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DECISION TIME - The deadline is fast approaching

However, the underlying stats show that for £0.3/4m cheaper, Solly March is better value for money in FPL right now.

The winger is ahead on total goals and assists combined and also assists per 90, with his expected goals falling short of Mac Allister only due to his penalties.

So, we'd opt for Solly March, but do not rule out a Brighton double-up in midfield as all three offer good value.

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