Why is FIFA 23 the last FIFA?

EA Sports and FIFA split

EA Sports and FIFA split

FIFA 23 is the last instalment in the franchise as we know it, with EA Sports and FIFA going their separate ways.

One question that has been raised is 'why?' and we've got the answer.

Why is FIFA 23 the last FIFA?

EA Sports and FIFA have finally announced their long-rumoured split, with the birth of EA Sports FC being confirmed.

A number of reasons has been cited for this change, but VGC revealed that in "comments provided anonymously" to them, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said:

“As we’ve looked to the future we want to grow the franchise, and ironically the FIFA licence has actually been an impediment to that”

There has already been a war of words between EA and FIFA, with EA unhappy with how much control and revenue FIFA want over the game, and FIFA happy to look to other gaming companies to partner with.

This was the latest in a series of statements that drove EA and FIFA apart.

The New York Times has previously reported on what could have started the rift, with FIFA supposedly wanting EA to more than double its payment for the licencing rights.

Wilson surmised his anger in a reported damming statement:

“Basically, what we get from FIFA in a non-World Cup year is the four letters on the front of the box"

With all this put together, it's clear to see why EA and FIFA has decided to call it a day.

What Comes Next?

For EA Sports, a new football gaming franchise akin to FIFA will arrive in the form of EA Sports FC.

New information has already leaked for this game and you can read the full spread here.

For FIFA, they have announced a number of block-chain titles but do not look as though they are directly competing with EA... yet.

Things could all change, but for now, it looks as though EA will carry on as normal, just without the FIFA name.

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