FIFA 23 - This TOTY trading method can make you MILLIONS of coins

The FIFA 23 Ultimate Team calendar produces plenty of promos throughout the year.

However, some promotional campaigns tend to have more significant impacts on the FUT transfer market than others.

These include the likes of Team of the Year (TOTY), Team of the Season (TOTS) and Black Friday.

Well, it just so happens that the TOTY promo is a matter of days away now and we've got a foolproof trading method that will make you rich in FUT 23.

Inevitable crash

A FUT transfer market crash indicates sudden significant price drops on all the important meta cards and the market in general.

For example, during the Team of the Year promo, you will likely see 100k and 125k packs regularly in the store.

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TOTY CRASH - FUT players will see the value of their squads drop significantly

These packs often give good rewards, increasing the supply of meta players on the market.

Since there’s more supply than demand, the average prices of player items will drop.

Players to target

Purchasing large numbers of cards when prices are at their lowest can give you the chance to make a significant profit.

Knowing which players to target during a crash is key.

You should check out the FUTBIN and Futwiz sites to have a better understanding of which cards are likely to drop.

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META MADNESS - Vini Jr is the ultimate meta player in FUT 23

You can be assured that meta players, such as Vinicius Jr, will drop during the TOTY market crash.

Make sure to check the price graphs of meta players during the promo.

If you notice their prices dropping rapidly, it would be the perfect time to spend coins and store them on your transfer list.

Once you stock enough meta players, you’ll need to be patient.

When to cash in

Just like any other economic market, the prices of these players will slowly rise once the market rebounds.

Once their prices are up, and you’ve got a sizeable possible profit in sight, sell the cards.

You can even buy the players a few days before promos of this nature begin, as players will panic and sell their meta cards for a small profit/loss.

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GOOD TIMES - It feels good to outsmart the FUT transfer market

Again, this will increase the supply and decrease the average prices of the cards.

Going by this method, you can make some serious profits when big promos are headed to FIFA 23, like the Team of the Year campaign,

This is why market crash trading is one of the best and most reliable FUT 23 trading methods.

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