FIFA 23 - THIS feature will make FUT's best game mode 1000x better

In what can only be described as an unlikely move, EA has made FUT Drafts the place to be in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

The addition of Team of the Year (TOTY) items ad Prime Icons as well as SBC and Objective cards to the Draft player pool means you now have the chance to use cards that you could never afford otherwise.

However, there is one specific feature that can take the FUT Draft game mode to the next level and make it SO much better in FUT 23.

FUT Draft = THE place to be

As well as the addition of more creative ards in FUT Draft, EA has also made significantly more Draft Token Packs available to unlock via Objectives and SBCs, meaning you do not have to spend the 15,000 coins it costs to enter the Draft.

If you run out of Draft Tokens, your 15,000 coin investment is usually safe in the Draft.

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CREATIVE CARDS - SBC and Objective items have now been added to the Draft

Even if you lose in the first round, you will get 15,000 coins worth of packs back as a bare minimum and advance through one or two rounds nets you higher-value packs.

If you sell the items you receive in these packs smartly you can make a tidy profit but more importantly, you will get the chance to play with some incredible cards along the way.

Whilst the FUT Draft is now undoubtedly one of the best game modes within Ultimate Team, one thing is still missing...

Essential addition

EA simply must add position modifiers to the FUT Draft.

With the new FIFA 23 Chemistry system, players are blocked from receiving ANY stat boosts when out of position.

In the Draft, EA offers plenty of players that are technically out of position for the area on the pitch you are selecting.

For example, centre-forwards (CF) will appear in the striker (ST) selection.

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SMILES ALL AROUND - FIFA fans would LOVE to see position modifiers added to FUT Draft

So, if a Johan Cruyff pops up in your number nine role, you have to pick the Dutch legend knowing that you can't get any Chemistry points and therefore any stats boost on him.

This is despite the fact that Cruyff has the striker position as an alternate option within Ultimate Team.

So, why not allow unlimited position modifiers in the FUT Draft?

After all, it's meant to be the most fun and creative mode in Ultimate Team and it's not like you'll be switching Virgil van Dijk to a striker, you will only be able to change players to their fixed alternate positions.

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