EA compensates players impacted by FIFA 23 TOTY Courtois error

Countless glitches and errors within Ultimate Team have forced FIFA 23 players to become accustomed to the game mode's ups and downs.

However, the latest EA mistake is seen as beyond the pale among the FUT 23 community, leaving FIFA fans angry and disappointed.

The cause of their anger is completely valid, as they have been robbed of the most coveted cards in the game - Team of the Year (TOTY) items.

Latest - Compensation confirmed

EA has announced, via the FIFA Direct Communication account on Twitter, that the players impacted by the TOTY Courtois glitch have now been compensated.

The statement says the "issue has been addressed and impacted players have been messaged in-game."

So, this means that those of you who were robbed of a TOTY Courtois should now have his special 96 OVR version in your clubs.

TOTY firing blanks

The FIFA 23 TOTY campaign is in full swing now in Ultimate Team, with the full XI and 12th Man set to be released into packs in the coming days.

Despite the announcement that TOTY defenders (and goalkeeper) are available right now, FUT players are finding the regular Gold versions of their cards in packs and player picks.

Former Premier League footballer and now Ultimate Team YouTuber David Meyler Tweeted EA Sports FIFA directly saying "why isn't my Courtois TOTY?????".

If you head to the comments section on the above Tweet you will find hundreds of FIFA players experiencing the exact same problem.

This error seems to be only impacting those who have packed Thibaut Courtois.

This glitch doesn't seem to be affecting all FUT 23 accounts, as some users have replied to David Meyler's Tweet with an image of their 96 OVR TOTY Courtois... must be nice.


This is simply NOT ON from EA.

FIFA players are spending their hard-earned money on packs in the hope that they see finally get to see that blue animation pop up on their screens.

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GUTTING - Imagine finally packing a TOTY player and his Gold version appears

We now know EA will fully compensate those affected.

However, FUT fans have still been robbed of that special moment when they see a Team of the Year card walk out in front of them, which is a real shame.

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