FIFA 23 - How to perform the League SBC grind in Ultimate Team

Despite the vast FIFA 23 Team of the Year (TOTY) content which has been released over the past couple of weeks, FUT players haven't had any real grindable SBCs to consistently work through... until now!

League SBCs have returned to Ultimate Team in time for the TOTY campaign, with 10 different options available in the SBC menus.

The FUT die-hards among you will already know about the 'League SBC grind', but we're here to help you perform the method effectively in FIFA 23.

How to perform the League SBC grind

The 'League SBC grind' will allow you to save vast numbers of packs for when the TOTY XI drops and make a profit at the same time.

Choosing the right League SBCs to grind is key to ensuring that the trading method works correctly.

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KEY TO SUCCESS - The League SBC grind can take your club to the next level

Before you start, you need to make sure you’re not buying cards that are inflated at the time.

​Follow the simple steps below in order to execute the League SBC grind effectively in FIFA 23.

1. Evaluate the SBC

First of all, you need to determine whether a certain League SBC is good value or not.

​You can determine whether the SBC is good value by using Futbin’s SBC page.

You should also consider how many players from the league you already have in your club.

We recommend identifying just two or three League SBCs to focus on so you can learn which players you should be selling and which you should be storing.

2. Track your coins

​It’s essential to make a note of your coin balance each time you start grinding a League SBC.

Noting down your coin balance at the start of the SBC means you can calculate how profitable each SBC is.

​3. Store useful players

This one is VERY important!

It's essential to store any players you need for the League SBCs you are currently grinding.

Storing these players will make the SBCs much cheaper each time you complete them.

4. Everything must go

​To make a profit from League SBCs you really need to squeeze out every FUT coin.

So, you'll need to sell absolutely everything else in the pack other than your useful cards.

Sell managers, consumables and anything else you can - some obscure items can sell for up to 5,000 coins.

Even if you list items for slightly under market value, you’re still increasing your overall coin balance.​

5. Keep on grinding!

​The key to making FIFA coins with this method is to keep grinding.

You might not make a profit every time you complete a League SBC, but the players you receive should make the next round cheaper.

Plus, you might just pack a high-value item every once in a while.

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