FIFA 23 - New ePL Invitational tournament pairs celebs with MEGA talents



We're getting to the halfway point of the FIFA 23 cycle, with big promo events like Team of the Year and the current Future Stars keeping the game fresh for the fans.

The competitive campaign is heating up, with the ePremier League returning for the fifth year and the finalists ready to get to the meaty part of the event when the Grand Finals take place at the end of March.

But before we get to the main event, the Premier League and EA have introduced a great new tournament to show off the competitor's skills and have a bit of fun along the way!

Discover all you need to know about the ePremier League here.

ePL Invitational

The ePL Invitational is a new tournament designed to showcase the abilities of the 40 players representing the 20 clubs who have made their way into the ePremier League Grand Finals.

It won't be as intense a competition as the finale of the ePL, but you'd better believe these guys will have something to prove!

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WHO WILL WIN? - Captains Elz the Witch and Chunkz must pick their pros wisely

Celebrity team captains Chunkz and Elz the Witch will guide 10 clubs each through a series of entertaining head-to-head challenges in FIFA 23, with the team that earns the most points emerging victorious.

With former ePL champions Donovan 'Tekkz' Hunt, Shaun 'Shellzz' Spingette, Tom Leese and Jack 'GoalPoacher' Wignall - as well as plenty of other top talents - you'd best be prepared to see some serious skills on display!

The Challenges

As mentioned, this won't be a straightforward FIFA tournament, with the regular matches switched up for something a bit different!

The challenges the teams will compete in are as follows:

  • Pro-Am: Club Pro plays alongside Team Captain in 2v2 game
  • Crossbar Challenge: Players try to hit each goal post and crossbar with the ball. The first to hit all three is the winner
  • 2 Controllers, 1 player: 2 v 2 game mode with only one player using both controllers
  • VOLTA FOOTBALL: A four-person game mode that is free for all skill games and 2 v 2. Player with the most points wins
  • Opposite Day: Inverted teams! Goalkeeper upfront, attack in goal etc.
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WHAT COULD GO WRONG? - When pros and celebs combine things might not always go according to plan!
  • Headers and Volleys: Goals only count if they are headers and volleys
  • Draft your opponent: Each player drafts the opponent's team
  • Wonder Kids: Each player builds a team using U21s only
  • Hot Potato: 1 v 1 game mode. Two players per team. Every time the ball goes out of play, the player passes the controller to his team-mate
  • Fun House: Regular FUT Friendlies game with players wearing goggles that distorts player’s vision

Where to Watch

Now you know what to expect from the ePL Invitational, are you ready to watch it?

Luckily, it will be pretty simple to catch, streaming at 4pm on Tuesday, 7 February on:

The coverage will be presented by Rachel Stringer, with expert esports commentators Brandon Smith and Richard Buckley talking us through all the action.

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