Adverts in FC 25 Could Ruin the Game

FC 25 Adverts

FC 25 Adverts

FC 25 edges closer each day as players begin to think ahead to the next edition of EA Sports FC, with plenty of new content set to hit the next game, including new promos, wonderkids, and potential new features.

However, one set of rumors has caused some concern among FC 24 players. Talks of EA introducing adverts into the next game have created some unrest.

FC 25 Adverts Could Ruin the Game

Throughout the years, those of us who are avid players of FIFA or EA FC have slowly started to lose love for a game that for many, was our whole childhood.

Previous games were so much better, from rushing home to open packs or checking out the latest Team of the Week to continuing the Journey with Alex Hunter or Danny Williams. Despite many setbacks over the years, we continue playing our favorite football/soccer game.

FC 25 Adverts
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The Journey - Alex Hunter

However, as Ultimate Team has become EA's sole provider, many features have become apparent, fading our love for the game. Introducing adverts to FC 25 could be one step too far.

Now these are just rumors and could be untrue, to which many will be hoping, however, adding adverts to a game that makes so much profit from FC Points, would be a huge mistake for EA.

Imagine finishing a tough game of Weekend League, losing in the last minute, and being met with a 30-second advert for a company you have zero interest in. It would just add to the frustration of many players.

Additionally, players will begin to lose interest in playing actual matches in any game mode if they know they will be swamped with adverts after each match.

Although ads have been in the game since FIFA 98, on billboards and the side of the pitch, these become unnoticed when playing a match, much like in stadiums in real life, however, if players are forced to sit through an advert whilst playing the game, then this would be an issue.

FC 25 Adverts
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Italy vs Croatia - Billboard Adverts FC 24 EURO 2024

EA will also have to consider what ads to show in-game, ensuring that these adverts are age-appropriate, given the fact that FC 24 and all of the previous FIFAs have been PEGI 3.

There is much to consider for both EA and fans when it comes to introducing adverts into FC 25, but one thing for certain is that these rumors have been met with much discontent.

Thankfully, there are now a few other upcoming football games in the pipeline, with UFL, Copa City, and potentially FIFA 2K set to give EA the competition they need, and allow for much more choice amongst football gaming lovers!

What are your thoughts on the rumored introduction of adverts in FC 25? Let us know in the comments below.

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