EA Sports FC 24: How VOLTA will become EA Sports' most important mode

EA Sports FC Volta

EA Sports FC Volta

EA Sports FC is a brand new game from EA that promises to change the landscape of sports gaming.

Splitting away from FIFA, EA will look to stride out in their own and create a new dynasty, with many of the same modes set to return.

VOLTA is one of the most peculiar modes ever seen in FIFA, with the FIFA Street style mode offering a totally different dynamic to the gameplay seen in Ultimate Team and Career Mode.

That being said, VOLTA still represents a sizable land of opportunity for EA, with this mode hiding plenty of hidden potential that could be unleashed upon the arrival of EA Sports FC 24.


For those that don't know, VOLTA is a game mode that sees you take your skills to the street and build an Ultimate Team-style squad.

The mode had plenty of merits when it first arrived in FIFA 20, but after three years, people have gotten tired of its formula.

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FUTURE TECH - VOLTA has attempted to re-invent itself in FIFA 23

For a long time, it looked as if VOLTA could be axed from EA Sports FC 24, with EA looking to welcome in a new era by stamping their own mark on the franchise.

However, it now looks like the mode will remain for at least another year, with most early leaks for EAFC including the VOLTA mode.

With that in mind, we want to take a look at how this forgotten and underutilised mode could become the most important around in EA Sports FC.

Hidden Potential

In FIFA 23, VOLTA was banded in with Pro Clubs in an attempt to make it more appealing to the masses.

Whilst this has worked in some respects, it has served to make VOLTA feel like a gateway, rather than its own thing.

Instead, with EA Sports FC 24 just around the corner, we think EA should be looking to really make VOLTA stand out by harkening back to what worked in the first place.

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POTENTIAL END - Initial rumours indicated that VOLTA could be removed from EA Sports FC

FIFA Street is a game loved by millions. If it was still playable on next-generation consoles today, you can be sure that it would be a popular seller.

The game introduced many of the hype train trends we see in FIFA today, with the dramatic skill moves and legends making this game feel like the perfect throwback.

Of course, nostalgia always plays a part when looking at games from the past, but FIFA Street is the prototype for what VOLTA should be.

Scrape away the micro-transactions and flashy new arenas and instead strip VOLTA back to the bare bones.

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EA could make this mode a success by simply making it another FIFA Street, introducing individual and career modes that would make VOLTA feel different from anything else on offer.

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THROWBACK NEEDED - VOLTA could become the ultimate mode in EAFC

Not only that, VOLTA should be the perfect playground for all of your Legends and Icons, with players being able to hit the streets with skill stars like Ronaldinho, Kaka or Edgar Davids.

VOLTA struggles because it tries to take pieces that work from all other modes in FIFA, but instead, we feel this mode needs to be allowed the space to breathe as its own entity.

Stifling The Burnout

FIFA burnout is a real thing and we're fairly certain that EA Sports FC 24 will also have a cooling period between December and April.

The flashy new features have become tired, Career Mode has become monotonous and Ultimate Team is spitting out strange promo cards that no one really wants to buy.

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STRIP IT BACK - VOLTA has lost its way

VOLTA should be the perfect alternative that keeps people playing, and that's exactly what EA can do by making it stand out in EA Sports FC 24.

If they wanted to go all the way with this concept, then they could even make it a completely nostalgia-based mode that featured grainy gameplay and imperfect character design.

Yes, it would be a bold statement, but it's exactly the kind of thing that players would revisit over and over again.

Whilst unlocking accessories for Pro Clubs is a fun pastime, it's far from the reason that VOLTA exists, and we think it's about time EA went back to the drawing board and re-invented this mode ahead of EA Sports FC 24.

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