UPDATED Destiny 2 The Witch Queen COUNTDOWN: Downtime & Release Time Info; Raid Name Revealed

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Destiny 2's latest huge expansion, The Witch Queen, is finally live!

A new Raid in Vow of the Disciple, a Void subclass rework, and a bunch of cool weapons are coming to the shooter. It is said to be the largest update Destiny 2 has ever seen, so we have all the latest info you need on the Destiny 2 Witch Queen release time and the ongoing server downtime.

Latest - Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes REVEALED

The Witch Queen Update, Destiny 2, is finally live! Bungie has also revealed the massive patch notes behind the update which total over 6,000 words of new content and balance changes.

Read over the massive patch notes in full here.

The Witch Queen Server Downtime Has Begun

To give Bungie chance to prepare Destiny 2 for the launch of The Witch Queen, the servers have been taken offline for some extended maintenance.

The game will be unplayable for about 15 hours, going up to the release time of the expansion.

Follow along with the Destiny 2 server downtime schedule here.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Release Date and Time

The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 will release on Tuesday, 22 February. We knew towards the end of last year approximately when it would arrive and then trailers started to come out that confirmed the late-February date.

The expansion will be available at the usual update time of 09:00 PST / 12:00 EST / 17:00 GMT / 18:00 CST. Expect massive queues to get back into the game once it's live and hopefully there will be no issues that take the servers down entirely.

Destiny 2 has always been the type of game where players flock back when a new update or expansion releases so expect the same here. Player numbers should steady out over the weeks following the release of The Witch Queen.

Make sure you turn in all of your gunsmith materials as they will be gone once The Witch Queen is live. Instead, a new reputation system will be in place and you don't want all your current materials to go to waste.

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Spider will also be removed from the game so if you need to buy any glimmer, it's best to do that now. Currency exchange is staying put but it will be done through Rahool once Year 5 begins.

Finally, be sure to unlock as much of the current season pass as possible because once it's gone, it's gone for good as well as the rewards featured within.

The Witch Queen Raid Revealed

Ahead of the main Witch Queen expansion going live this afternoon, the name of the Raid has been supposedly revealed.

According to Destiny Bulletin on Twitter, it will be called The Vow of the Disciple and will go live in game on March 5, just over a week after the Witch Queen releases.

As we get more information on the Raid, we'll be sure to update you here.

Preload The Witch Queen Now

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen releases in just a few hours and you can preload the update now ahead of servers going offline.

No matter what platform you're on, head to the Destiny 2 game in your library and check for an update. You should then be able to preload it. The same goes for pre-ordering the new content. You should be able to preload that too.

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