Zenless Zone Zero Soukaku Build Guide

Zenless Zone Zero Soukaku
Credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero Soukaku
Credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero is the next action RPG that will chew away your hours. This urban fantasy with Gacha elements is poised to take over the scene with its mesmerizing setting, dark story, funny and cute characters, and NPCs.

Soukaku, a free A-Rank Ice Agent in Zenless Zone Zero, is a blessing in disguise for players looking for a strong support character. While not a powerhouse DPS like Ellen, Soukaku bleeds into the role of a team cheerleader, buffing allies and hindering enemies with Ice attacks.

Who is Soukaku?

Soukako hails from Section 6, a group tasked with dealing with the dangers of the Hollows, and her strength lies in support. Despite her youthful demeanor and occasional struggles with vocabulary, she's a valuable asset on the battlefield.

Soukaku Zenless Zone Zero
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Credit: HoYoverse
Soukaku Zenless Zone Zero

You will find her often angry at those who waste food since she has a desperate love for food. On the battlefield, she wields a giant spatula and unleashes devastating Ice attacks upon enemies.

Soukaku Playstyle

Soukaku isn’t a DPS but a support. As such, her attacks and skills have a special effect that increases the build-up of the Ice Anomaly Attribute in enemies. This is all thanks to her Core Skill, Hypothermia.

The higher this Attribute gets, the more susceptible enemies become to Ice damage from your entire team. In simpler terms, Soukaku weakens enemies for your Ice DPS characters to unleash devastating attacks.

Soukaku's Special Attacks and Chain Attacks often involve her signature move, Fly the Flag. This attack not only deals Ice damage but can also trigger various effects depending on the situation. For example, Fly the Flag can reduce enemy Ice RES (making them even weaker to Ice damage) or grant a powerful ATK buff to your entire party.

Soukaku’s Best W-Engine

While Soukaku isn’t the star of the damage show, the right weapon or W-Engine will certainly boost her support skills to a whole new level.

Here's a breakdown of the top contenders:

  • The Restrained (S-Rank): This weapon is a no-brainer for players who want to push Soukaku's Ice potential to the limit. It directly increases her Ice damage and Daze application, making her a more potent battlefield controller. Enemies won't know what hit them (literally and figuratively) when Soukaku unleashes a barrage of icy attacks!

Alternatives for the Budget-Minded Agent:

  • The Vault (A-Rank): If you're looking for a more friendly option, The Vault is a solid choice. It excels at maxing out Soukaku's Energy Regen, ensuring she can unleash her supportive skills more frequently. Think of it as her personal energy battery, keeping her support show going strong.
  • Bashful Demon (A-Rank): This W-Engine might not directly boost Soukaku's Ice damage, but it offers a valuable team buff. Whenever Soukaku uses her EX Special Attack, it grants an ATK buff to the entire party. This can be a great way to supercharge your team's damage output and put a smile (or a grimace, depending on the enemy) on your face.

Soukaku Best Drive Discs

As a support, it is important to maximize her full potential to improve teammates and make them ultimate.

Zenless Zone Zero Soukaku
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Credit: Zenless Zone Zero

These are the best Drive Discs to fine-tune her support role:

  • Top Choice: Swing Jazz (4-Piece Set) - This set is a perfect fit for Soukaku. The very set offers two important buffs for Soukaku: +20% Energy Regen+15% Team ATK Buff: 
  • A Rank: Noisy Pop (2-Piece Set) - A good starter set that offers:+10% Energy Regen:
  • Polar Metal (4-Piece Set) - This set makes Soukaku more offensive but sacrifices some support potential:+10% Ice DMGTeam DMG Buff After Freeze/Shatter: Increases Basic and Dash Attack damage for the entire team after landing a Freeze or Shatter effect.

Drive Disc Stat Priority

The best stats depend on your playstyle:

  • Pure Support: Focus on Energy Regen (%) to maximize skill usage.
  • Balanced Support/DPS: Consider Crit Rate% or Crit DMG% if using Polar Metal for more damage.

Sub Stats:

  • Penetration%
  • ATK%
  • Attribute Mastery (Ice)

Soukaku’s Best Bangboo

Soukaku might be an extraordinaire team player, but even the best support characters need a little backup. That's where Bangboos come in!

Here's a look at the top contenders for Soukaku's best furry (or feathery) friend:

  • Butler (S-Rank)
    This premium Bangboo is a game-changer for Soukaku, especially if you're running a Victoria Housekeeping team. Its Active Skill, Snack Time, generates a much-needed Energy refill for your Agents, and the bonus with Victoria Housekeeping members makes it an absolute win. Butler gets a supercharge, generating a whopping 20% more Energy with its snack attack.
  • Exploreboo (A-Rank)
    For players who haven't gotten lucky with S-Rank Bangboos yet, Exploreboo is a decent alternative. Its Active Skill, Dig It!, provides a random buff that can either restore HP, create a shield, or increase Energy Regen. While the randomness might not be ideal, it can be a helpful safety net in a pinch. Additionally, Exploreboo gets a boost if you have at least one Support character on your team.
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  • Booressure (A-Rank)
    This Bangboo takes a more passive approach to support. Its Active Skill, "Ether Bubbles," generates Energy for nearby Agents. While not as potent as Butler's direct Energy boost, Booressure shines if you have a Support-heavy team. With at least one Support character present, Booressure's bubbles generate a whopping 60% more Energy for off-field Agents like Soukaku. This can be a great way to keep her energy reserves topped up, even when she's not actively on the battlefield.

Soukaku Best Team

Soukaku, while not a S-rank, does have powerful buffs, especially for Ice-centered teams.

Zenless Zone Zero Characters
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Credit: Zenless Zone Zero

Here is the best team composition for Soukaku:

Soukaku: Provides Energy Regen, buffs Ice damage, and weakens enemies with her Core Skill (Hypothermia).

Lycaon: Deals heavy Ice damage and stuns enemies, making them even more vulnerable to Soukaku's effects.

Ellen: A powerhouse Ice DPS who benefits from Soukaku's buffs and debuffs to unleash devastating Ice attacks.

If you don’t have Ellen you can opt for Anby or Shiro.

Soukaku Skill Priority

Now that you have the right team, let's prioritize Soukaku's skills to maximize her effectiveness:

Special Attack: This is Soukaku's bread and butter for applying buffs and debuffs. Upgrading it increases the potency of these effects.

Core Skill (Hypothermia): Leveling this skill increases the rate at which enemies build up Ice Anomaly, making them even weaker to Ice damage.

Chain Attack: A valuable tool for dealing damage and triggering buffs. Upgrading it increases its damage output and potential buff effects.

Normal Attacks: These can be leveled up eventually for a more well-rounded character, but they are less crucial for her support role.

Dodge: While dodging is important for survivability, it's not a skill you need to prioritize for Soukaku's support role.

By focusing on these, Soukaku will turn into a core member of your Zenless Zone Zero team despite her being an A-rank character.

This is all you need to know about Soukaku's in Zenless Zone Zero.

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