Zenless Zone Zero Rina Promotion & Skill Materials Farming Guide

Zenless Zone Zero Rina.
Credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero Rina.
Credit: HoYoverse

Dance across the battlefield with everything you need to know about Rina’s Promotion and Skill materials in Zenless Zone Zero! Rina, a maid extraordinaire from Victoria Housekeeping, is available on the standard banner. This S-rank Electro Support agent deals physical and electric damage with her two trusty puppets, Drusilla and Anastasia.

Unlike other agents, Rina floats gracefully during combat, boasting a wide dodge that allows her to maintain a safe distance from enemies while unleashing devastating electric and shock damage with ranged strikes.

Rina Promotion Materials List

To reach her full potential, Rina, like all agents, needs specific Promotion materials to ascend past certain level intervals. These materials boost her base stats (attack, defense, and HP). As Rina specializes in Support, her ascension materials focus on that area.

Here are the Promotion materials that you need to fully Ascend Rina:

  • Basic Support Certification Seal x4
  • Advanced Support Certification Seal x30
  • Ruler Certification Seal x32
  • Dennies x800,000
Rina Promotion Materials
10 -> 20
Dennies x24,000 Basic Support Certification Seal x4
20 -> 30
Dennies x56,000 Advanced Support Certification Seal x12
30 -> 40
Dennies x120,000 Advanced Support Certification Seal x20
40 -> 50
Dennies x200,000 Ruler Certification Seal x10
50 -> 60
Dennies x400,000 Ruler Certification Seal x20
Zenless Zone Zero Rina.
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Credit: HoYoverse

Rina Skills Materials List

Agents in Zenless Zone Zero possess five core skills: Basic Attack, Dodge, Dodge, Special Attack, Chain Attack, and Core Skill. These skills can be powered up using both Dennies and specific Skill Materials that correspond to the element they utilize.

Here's a breakdown of the Skill Materials needed to fully enhance Rina's abilities:

  • Basic Shock Chip x10
  • Advanced Shock Chip x30
  • Specialized Shock Chip x100
  • Hamster Cage Pass x5
  • Finale Dance Shoes x9
  • Higher Dimensional Data - Destructive Advance x60
  • Dennies x1,400,000

Rina Promotion and Skill Materials Farming Guide

Unlike traditional gacha games, Zenless Zone Zero offers a player-friendly approach to material farming: the VR Device within the Random Play Video Store on Sixth Street. This nifty gadget lets you customize "domains," virtual battlegrounds where enemies drop specific materials. Tailor them to Rina's needs, collecting a significant chunk of materials in a single run.

Support Certification Seals & Shock Chips

Within the VR Device's Combat Simulation section, enemy lineups determine your rewards. Here, you can target both Rina's Promotion Materials (Basic/Advanced Support/Ruler Certification Seals) and Skill Materials (Basic/Advanced/Specialized Shock Chips).

Higher Dimensional Data - Destructive Advance

For Rina's Core Skill Materials (Higher Dimensional Data - Destructive Advance), head to the Expert Challenges. These challenging battles combine elements of Combat Simulation with elite enemies.

Don't miss the special drinks offered daily at Sixth Street's Coffee Shop! These temporary buffs increase the drop rate for specific materials in the VR Device, allowing you to target Rina's materials even more efficiently. Plus, each purchase comes with a free 60 Battery Cost, maximizing your farming time!

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