Zenless Zone Zero Rina Build - Best W-Engine, Drive Disk, Bangboo, & Teams

Zenless Zone Zero Rina Build.
Credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero Rina Build.
Credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero's standard S-rank Agent, Rina, also known as Alexandrina Sebastiane, seems like a humble maid from Victoria Housekeeping, but with the right build, she can unleash devastating ranged Strike (physical) and Electric damage with the help of her two loyal Bangboo puppets, Drusilla and Anastasia.

Unlike other agents, Rina floats gracefully when in combat, and boasts a wide dodge that keeps her safely away from enemies. At the same time, she dishes out a storm of electric and shock damage through her ranged attacks. Rina truly shines as a support for Electric-based teams, offering hefty electro-damage buffs when her puppets are on-field.

Rina Best W-Engine

To capitalize on Rina's Electro prowess, equip W-Engines that boost her Attribute Mastery and Attribute Anomaly bonuses. These will increase her electric damage and inflict shock more frequently.

Adv. Stat
Weeping Cradle
Pen Rate
While off-field, Energy Regen increases by 0.6/s. Dealing Electric DMG increases the DMG taken by the target from all squad members by 15% for 3s. During this period, this effect is further increased by 2.5% every 0.5s, up to a maximum additional increase of 15%. Repeated triggers only refreshes its duration without refreshing the DMG increase effect. Passive effects of the same name do not stack.
Slice of Time
Pen Rate
Any squad members' Dodge Counter, EX Special Attack, Assist Attack, or Chain Attack respectively generates 20/25/30/35 more Decibels and generates 0.7 Energy for the equipper. This effect can trigger once every 12s. The cooldown for each type of attack is independent of others. Passive effects of the same name do not stack.
Electro Lip Gloss
Anomaly Mastery
Deal 40% more Attribute Anomaly Damage
Demara Battery Mark II
Increases Electric DMG by 15%. When the equipper hits an enemy with Dodge Counter or Assist Attack, their Energy Generation Rate increases by 18% for 8s.

The S-Rank Weeping Cradle is specifically designed for Rina. It provides much-needed Energy Regen for her core gameplay and also offers Penetration Rate, a key stat for boosting her damage output. Additionally, Weeping Cradle empowers your entire team by increasing the damage they deal to enemies Rina has hit with her electric attacks.

If you don't have Weeping Cradle, the A-Rank Slice of Time offers a similar effect. It's the only other Support W-Engine with Penetration Rate as its Advanced Stat, making it a valuable alternative.

Rina Best Disc Drive

As a support agent who specializes in applying the Shock debuff to enemies and making them vulnerable to your team's attacks, Rina benefits most from the following Drive Disk set:

Drive Disk
Freedom Blues
4-Piece: When an EX Special Attack hits an enemy, reduce the target's Anomaly Buildup RES to the equipper's Attribute by 35% for 8s. This effect does not stack with others of the same attribute.
Thunder Metal
2-Piece: Increases Electric DMG by 10%.

The 4-Piece Freedom Blues set is highly recommended for Rina as it fully capitalizes on the damage inflicted by Shock. Since Rina's attribute mastery is already high, increasing it even further and reducing enemies' resistance to Electro will make Rina an exceptional support DPS.

Drive Disk Stat Priority

Main stats

  • Slot 4: Anomaly Proficiency
  • Slot 5: PEN% or ATK%
  • Slot 6: Energy Regen

Sub stats in order of priority:

  • CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG
  • Pen
  • ATK%
  • Attribute Mastery
Zenless Zone Zero Rina.
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Rina Best Bangboo

Alongside Drusilla and Anastasia, a Bangboo offers valuable team-wide buffs that can further enhance Rina's support capabilities. Here's a breakdown of the top choices:

Increases CRIT Rate of all Agents by 14%, and the CRIT Rate of Victoria Housekeeping Co. Agents by an extra 14%
Increases PEN Ratio of all Agents by 17.5%, and the PEN Ratio of Belobog Industries Agents by an additional 17.5%
When there are at least 2 Electric Attribute characters in your squad: Bangboo Chain Attack - Inflicts 120% more Anomaly Buildup.

Rina Best Teams

Rina shines as a support character, offering valuable utility to most teams. However, she shines brightest in Electric-focused team compositions as kit is specifically designed to strengthen Electric characters and maximize their effectiveness on the battlefield.

  • Main DPS
    • Anton
  • Sub-DPS
    • Grace/Anby
  • Support
    • Rina

Rina Skill Priority

Since Rina excels as a support character who buffs allies and switches out frequently, prioritize leveling her skills in this order:

  1. Special Attack
  2. Ultimate Attack
  3. Basic Attack
  4. Dodge

That's the end of our build guide for Rina from Zenless Zone Zero!

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