Zenless Zone Zero Koleda Promotion & Skill Materials Farming Guide

Zenless Zone Zero Koleda.
Credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero Koleda.
Credit: HoYoverse

Unleash Koleda’s fiery potential by gathering her Promotion and Skill materials in Zenless Zone Zero! This S-Rank agent, available on the standard banner in Zenless Zone Zero, specializes in unleashing devastating fire damage with her heavy-hitting hammer attacks and AoE explosions.

While Koleda is a little slower than other Agents, her brute force makes up for it by very effectively building daze and stunning enemies. To maximize Koleda's potential and reach level 90, you'll need to collect specific Promotion Materials at each 10-level interval. Additionally, Skill Materials will further boost the damage of her abilities!

Koleda Promotion Materials List

Koleda, like all agents, reaches a level cap every 10 levels. To break through these caps, you'll need special Promotion materials specific to her attack type (Stun). These materials boost her base stats (attack, defense, and HP).

Here are the Promotion materials that you need to fully Ascend Koleda:

  • Basic Stun Certification Seal x4
  • Advanced Stun Certification Seal x30
  • Buster Certification Seal x32
  • Dennies x800,000

The table below details the specific Promotion Materials needed for each 10-level ascension level.

Koleda Promotion Materials
10 -> 20
Dennies x24,000 Basic Stun Certification Seal x4
20 -> 30
Dennies x56,000 Advanced Stun Certification Seal x12
30 -> 40
Dennies x120,000 Advanced Stun Certification Seal x20
40 -> 50
Dennies x200,000 Buster Certification Seal x10
50 -> 60
Dennies x400,000 Buster Certification Seal x20
Zenless Zone Zero Koleda.
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Koleda Skills Materials List

Zenless Zone Zero Agents have five core skills: Basic Attack, Dodge, Special Attack, Chain Attack, and Core Skill. Each skill can be enhanced using both Dennies and specific Skill Materials that match their element.

Here's a breakdown of the Skill Materials needed to fully enhance Koleda's abilities:

  • Basic Burn Chip x10
  • Advanced Burn Chip x30
  • Specialized Burn Chip x100
  • Hamster Cage Pass x5
  • Living Drive x9
  • Higher Dimensional Data - Destructive Advance x60
  • Dennies x1,400,000

Koleda Promotion and Skill Materials Farming Guide

Zenless Zone Zero takes a unique approach to material farming with the VR Device in the Random Play Video Store on Sixth Street. This handy gadget lets you create custom "domains," virtual battlegrounds where enemies drop specific materials. Tailor these domains to Koleda's needs and you can collect a hefty amount of materials in a single run.

Stun Certification Seals & Burn Chips

Within the VR Device's Combat Simulation section, enemy lineups determine your rewards. Here, you can target both Koleda's Promotion Materials (Basic Stun/Advanced Stun/Buster Certification Seals) and Skill Materials (Basic/Advanced/Specialized Burn Chips).

Higher Dimensional Data - Destructive Advance

Koleda's exclusive Core Skill Materials (Higher Dimensional Data - Friday and Source Code - Dreaded Foundry) require a different approach. Head to the Expert Challenges, where challenging battles combine elements of Combat Simulation with elite enemies.

Don't forget the special drinks offered daily at Sixth Street's Coffee Shop! These temporary buffs enhance the drop rate for specific materials in the VR Device, allowing you to target Koleda's materials even more efficiently. Each purchase comes with a free 60 Battery Cost too!

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