Zenless Zone Zero Koleda Build - Best W-Engine, Drive Disk, Bangboo, & Teams

Zenless Zone Zero Koleda
Credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero Koleda
Credit: HoYoverse

While short in stature, Koleda is a firecracker of an S-Rank Agent in Zenless Zone Zero with the right build! Available on the standard banner, this fierce leader of the Belobog Industries packs a punch with slow, deliberate attacks that deal heavy Fire damage and inflict Daze, stunning opponents very effectively.

Koleda's combat style revolves around building up "Furnace Fire," a fiery bonus effect gained through Assist Follow-Up Attacks, EX Special Attacks, Chain Attacks, and her Ultimate. Once activated, Furnace Fire automatically infuses her Basic Attacks with fire and turns them into devastating blows that inflict even more Daze.

Koleda Best W-Engine

As Koleda is best built as a high-impact unit, equip W-Engines that capitalize on Koleda's ability to apply Daze. Here are some W-Engings that play to Koleda’s strengths.

Adv. Stat
Hellfire Gears
PEN Ratio
Increases Fire DMG by 20%. When using an EX Special Attack, the equipper's Impact increases by 10% for 10s, stacking up to 2 times. The duration of each stack is calculated separately.
Precious Fossilized Core
Attacks against enemies with above or equal to 70% HP inflict 15% more Daze.
[Vortex] Revolver
Basic attacks inflict 9% more Daze

Koleda's signature S-Rank W-Engine, Hellfire Gears, is tailor-made for her. It not only increases her Fire damage, but also offers a substantial Impact boost after using her EX Special Attack, her bread-and-butter skill. This stacks multiple times, allowing her to unleash devastating bursts of Daze. On top of that, Hellfire Gears grants increased Energy regeneration even when Koleda is off-field, ensuring she can unleash her EX Special more frequently.

If you don't have Hellfire Gears, the B-Rank W-Engine, [Vortex] Revolver, is a surprisingly viable option, especially for early players. It provides a simple but effective Impact boost, directly increasing the amount of Daze inflicted by Koleda's basic attacks.

Koleda Best Drive Disk

Since Impact directly affects the amount of Daze inflicted by Koleda's attacks, prioritizing Disc Drives that boost this stat is crucial. Here's the optimal Drive Disk set:

Drive Disk
Shockstar Disco
4-Piece: When an EX Special Attack hits an enemy, reduce the target's Anomaly Buildup RES to the equipper's Attribute by 35% for 8s. This effect does not stack with others of the same attribute.
Inferno Metal
2-Piece: Increases Fire DMG by 10%.

Shockstar Disco paired with Inferno Metal is the best support DPS set for Koleda, and relies on her using her EX Special Attack and inflicting Stun. The core focus is on maximizing Daze application, not raw damage. Koleda's abilities and passives already provide significant bonuses to Daze, making this build a powerhouse for setting up devastating Chain Attacks for your team.

Drive Disk Stat Priority

Main stats

  • Slot 4: CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG
  • Slot 5: PEN% or ATK%
  • Slot 6: Impact%

Sub stats in order of priority:

  • CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG
  • Pen
  • ATK%
  • Attribute Mastery
Zenless Zone Zero Koleda.
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Credit: HoYoverse

Koleda Best Bangboo

The final piece of your Koleda team puzzle is the Bangboo, your team's adorable companion. Being a member of the Belobog Industry and having the Fire Attribute, here are the top contenders to maximize Koleda's synergy with her team and overall damage output:

Increases PEN Ratio of all Agents by 17.5%, and the PEN Ratio of Belobog Industries Agents by an additional 17.5%
When there are 2 or more Fire Attribute characters in your squad: Bangboo Chain Attack inflicts 60% more Anomaly Buildup.

Koleda Best Teams

Koleda shines the brightest in Fire-focused or Belobog Industries team compositions. With this team synergy bonus, Her EX Special Attack applies a debuff that increases the damage stunned enemies take from Chain Attacks, making her a fantastic initiator for these devastating team attacks. Additionally, many of Koleda's moves, including her Ultimate, gain special buffed versions when Ben is on the team. This makes Ben a must-have teammate for Koleda.

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Here's the best team composition that capitalizes on Koleda's strengths:

  • Main DPS
    • Soldier 11
  • Sub-DPS
    • Koleda
  • Support
    • Ben

Koleda Skill Priority

Given Koleda's strength as a support character who functions as a Daze enabler and burst damage dealer, focus on leveling her skills in this order:

  1. Special EX
  2. Basic Attack
  3. Ultimate
  4. Dodge

That concludes our build guide for Zenless Zone Zero's fiery Koleda! Rest assured, we'll keep this guide updated with any balance changes or new discoveries.

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