Zenless Zone Zero Best Bangboos & Builds

Zenless Zone Zero Safety Bangboo.
Credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero Safety Bangboo.
Credit: HoYoverse

Meet the adorable Bangboos, the bunny-like robot companions that are, unequivocally, the face of Zenless Zone Zero. These loyal friends are not just cute; they can turn the tide of battles in the perilous Hollows, making it important to find the Bangboo that best suits your playstyle as you battle it out with tenacious Etherals.

Bangboos can attack enemies, enhance your Agent's stats, and even provide damage buffs based on their unique skills. They're such valuable companions that, depending on the Bangboo you've acquired, building your team around its skills can be the ideal strategy.

Zenless Zone Zero Bangboos Explained

Just like playable Agents, Bangboos come in various rarities (S, A, and B) and boast unique skill sets. Each Bangboo has three abilities: an Active Skill, a Unique Passive, and a Common Passive. Think of them as powerful companions, similar to pets in other games, who fight alongside your three Agents in battle, especially within the treacherous Hollows.

Each Bangboo provides unique team bonuses, making strategic pairing with specific Agents essential to maximize your squad's damage output.

A special currency called Boopons is used to pull for Bangboos on their dedicated banner, "An Outstanding Partner." Unlike other gacha games, you can't exchange premium currency for Boopons. Instead, you earn them solely through in-game activities, making this a free-to-play-friendly banner!

Best S-Rank Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero

S-Rank Bangboos are the cream of the crop and are divided into two categories: those that provide buffs to the entire party and a specific faction, and those that provide buffs to the entire party but favor a specific element.

S-Rank Butler

Zenless Zone Zero Butler Bangboo.
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Credit: HoYoverse

An offensive powerhouse, boasting a massive Crit Rate increase for all Agents, especially Victoria Housekeeping Co. members like Ellen, Lycaon, Corin, and Alexandrina. This opens up team-building flexibility and futureproofing for upcoming Housekeeping characters. Even if you’re not using Agents from the Housekeeping faction you will still gain a hefty 14% increase in Crit Rate, making the Butler Bangboo all the more valuable.

S-Rank Amillion

This Bangboo specializes in boosting Crit DMG for all Agents, with an additional increase for Cunning Hare Agents (including Billy, Nicole, Anby, and Echo available at launch). In games like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, stats like Crit Rate and Crit DMG are the most valuable. This allows your team to dish out serious damage.

S-Rank Safety

Safety increases Penetration for all Agents, with an additional bonus for Belbog Industries Agents. While Belbog characters might not be top damage dealers, the Penetration increase remains valuable against stronger and more durable bosses.

Best Bangboo Plugins for Bangboo, Amillion, and Safety

Since the S-Rank Bangboo. Amillion, and Safety Bangboos focus on enhancing your Agents' physical damage output, consider equipping them with plugins that further boost Crit Rate or Crit DMG, such as:

  • S-Rank: Electronic Positioning Lens
  • A-Rank: Laser Holo-Scan Accessory
  • B-Rank: Telescopic Sprint Fist

For players who prefer a specific elemental team composition, S-Rank Bangboos like Sharkboo and Rocketboo offer powerful buffs.

S-Rank Sharkboo

This Bangboo caters to Ice-focused teams, providing significant boosts to Ice damage. If you're rocking Agents like Ellen and Lycaon, Sharkboo will be your best companion. Its skills also contribute to freezing enemies more often, creating a perfect storm of shatters, frost effects, and a much easier time building up the Daze bar.

S-Rank Rocketboo

Similar to Sharkboo, Rocketboo caters specifically to Fire teams, enhancing their fiery output. If you're building a team around characters like Koleda or Soldier 11, Rocketboo becomes a game-changer.

Best Bangboo Plugins for Sharkboo and Rocketboo

To maximize their impact, equip Sharkboo and Rocketboo with plugins that further enhance their elemental focus. Here are some recommendations:

  • S Rank: High-Speed Penetration Component
  • A Rank: Telescope Sprint Fist MK II
  • B Rank: Telescope Sprint Fist
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Zenless Zone Zero Bangboos.
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Credit: HoYoverse

Best A-Rank Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero

While S-Rank Bangboos offer the strongest buffs, A-Rank options provide valuable support at a lower rarity. Here are some standouts:

A-Rank Devilboo

Devilboo offers a flat 10% damage increase to all Agents, making it a reliable pick for any team composition.

A-Rank Luckyboo

Another universal buffer, Luckyboo boosts Crit Rate by 4%, helping your Agents land more critical hits.

A-Rank Paperboo

Increases ATK of all Agents by 4% also trigger additional physical damage in an AoE.

Best Bangboo Plugins for Devilboo, Luckyboo, and Paperboo

Similar to S-Rank Attack-based Bangboos, consider equipping these A-Rank companions with plugins that enhance their focus on physical damage:

  • S Rank: Electronic Positioning Lens
  • A Rank: Laser Holo-Scan Accessory
  • B Rank: Telescopic Sprint Fist

Since players have limited Boopons for summoning Bangboos and resources for leveling them, it's generally recommended to prioritize S-Ranks. They offer significantly stronger buffs – often more than double those of A-Ranks. This makes them a more worthwhile investment in the long run.

A-Ranks can be a good early-to-mid-game option, allowing you to build a well-rounded team without burning through all your resources, but by prioritizing S-Ranks, you'll create a more powerful and long-lasting foundation for your team.

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