Zenless Zone Zero Anton Materials Farming Guide

Zenless Zone Zero Anton
Credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero Anton
Credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero is a worthy opponent for the Gacha throne, taking the title from Genshin Impact, another HoYoverse’s marvel. This urban fantasy action RPG features a diverse type of characters and one of them is Anton Ivanov.

To upgrade your characters, Zenless Zone Zero takes a different approach. While you will still need a ton of different materials, this time you won’t need to traverse multiple area maps to collect them.

Anton Promotion Materials List

Every 10 levels, your Agent will hit a level cap. To break through these caps, you'll need special Promotion materials specific to their attack type, Slash, Strike, or Pierce, in Anton's case.

Promoting an Agent strengthens their base stats, like ATK, DEF, and HP, while also gaining an ascension bonus to another stat at certain intervals, like CRIT Rate% or Impact.

Anton ZZZ materials
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Credit: HoYoverse
Anton ZZZ materials

Here's a breakdown of the total amount of Promotion materials required for Anton:

Promotion Materials Required for Anton.
Basic Offense Certification Seal x4
Advanced Offense Certification Seal x32
Pioneer Certification Seal x30
Dennies x800,000

The following table shows the specific Promotion materials needed to ascend Anton at each 10-level interval:

Anton Promotion Materials
10 -> 20
Dennies x24,000, Basic Offense Certification Seal x4
20 -> 30
Dennies x56,000, Advanced Offense Certification Seal x12
30 -> 40
Dennies x120,000, Advanced Offense Certification Seal x20
40 -> 50
Dennies x200,000, Pioneer's Certification Seal x10
50 -> 60
Dennies x400,000, Pioneer's Certification Seal x20

Anton Skill Promotion Materials

Leveling is just half the battle. Upgrading Anton's skills is essential to maximize his performance.

Here's a breakdown of the materials needed to max out all his skills (Basic Attack, Dodge, Assist, Special Attack, and Chain Attack).

Anton Skill Promotion Materials.
Basic Shock Chip x25
Advanced Shock Chip x75
Specialized Shock Chip x250
Hamster Cage Pass x5
Dennies x2,500,000

Farming for Skills:

  • Basic and Advanced Shock Chips are obtained through the VR Combat Simulation's Agent Skills Combat Challenges.
  • Specialized Shock Chips can also be crafted from lower-tier Shock Chips.
  • Hamster Cage Passes are rare and can be found through time-limited events or purchased with New Eridu City Funds.

Core Skill Enhancement

Anton's Core Skill offers a passive damage increase. To enhance it six times, you'll need:

Anton Core Skill Enhancement Materials.
Higher Dimensional Data: Destructive Advance x60
Living Drive x9
Dennies x405,000
Higher Dimensional Data: Destructive Advance is a reward from the Expert Challenge: Typhon Slugger.
Living Drives are acquired through Notorious Hunt: Unknown Corruption Complex.

Promotion and Skill Materials Farming Guide

The beauty of Zenless Zone Zero lies in the VR Device's customizability. You can select enemies that drop specific materials you need for Anton, gathering everything you need in one efficient run.

  • Combat Simulation is your key for farming Certification Seals and Shock Chips. You can choose enemy lineups that reward the materials you need for Anton.
  • Expert Challenges are the proving ground for acquiring Higher Dimensional Data: Destructive Advance.
  • Notorious Hunts are where you'll find Living Drives to enhance Anton's Core Skill.
Zenless Zone Zero Anton
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Zenless Zone Zero's Sixth Street Coffee Shop offers special drinks that boost VR Device farming efficiency. These coffees increase the drop rate for specific materials, allowing you to target Anton's Promotion and Skill materials more effectively.

Each cup also provides Battery Cost, the resource needed for VR challenges. While these coffees are costly, the increased material can significantly bridge the gap.

Looking for more information on Anton? Check out our Anton Build Guide, where you can find his best W-Engines, Drive Disks, team compositions, and Skill prioritization!

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