How to Reroll in Zenless Zone Zero

How to reroll in Zenless Zone Zero

How to reroll in Zenless Zone Zero

The newest HoYoverse gacha game, Zenless Zone Zero, was launched this month, so make sure to redeem the ZZZ codes.

If you were unable to obtain the desired character in the initial round of banners, here are the steps to reroll in Zenless Zone Zero, and acquire additional master tapes.

How to Reroll in Zenless Zone Zero

Upon starting the game and selecting your initial character, you may be disappointed with the outcome if you were aiming for a top-tier S banner character. So here are some tips on how to reroll for your preferred character and when it is a worthwhile endeavor.

Should you have a particular Zenless Zone Zero banner in mind, particularly one that is highly ranked on our Zenless Zone Zero tier list, but find yourself not obtaining it when beginning the game, fret not.

Thankfully, the process of rerolling is quite straightforward, and there are strategies to enhance your odds of acquiring superior characters.

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To reroll in Zenless Zone Zero, you must establish a fresh account. By skipping cutscenes, you can swiftly progress through the storyline.

Additionally, it is important to mention that creating an account during an event period will result in receiving extra master tapes.

Follow these steps to reroll in Zenless Zone Zero successfully:

  • Create a new account and unlock Signal Search.
  • Either roll at this point with 20 master tapes (30+ if during an event) or progress to level 5/level 10 for more master tapes.
  • Roll on the standard banner (Star-Studded Cast).
  • Repeat the above steps if you do not get the character you want.

If you are not concerned about the character you receive on the standard banner, there is no need to reroll since you are assured of getting an S-Rank agent.

Discover more about Zenless Zone Zero by exploring our Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 banner lineup and begin preparing your Polychrome savings for your upcoming party members.

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