WWE 2K19: Beginners Tips

Stepping into a new game series can be a bit daunting, and WWE 2K19 is no different. Marching through story mode or 2K Towers, and competing online against seasoned players can be extremely hard, but if you are a new player this year what can you do to get up to speed quickly?

Get familiar with the controls

Learning how to play the game seems obvious, but with WWE 2K19 there are so many specific control options for different match types that if you don't take time to learn them, then you can quickly be out of your depth. Understanding how to climb a ladder, and defend the prize above it, is vital, as is simply learning the timing to kick out of pins.

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Fortunately for you we have gone through every game type and have a thorough controls guide so that you can don't have to spend forever fighting to understand the controls. However, it is useful to go into the Play Mode and try out a ladder match, cage match etc. before you start MyCAREER or any 2K Towers.

Know your signatures and finishers

Once you know your way around the controls, knowing how, and most importantly where to hit your signature and finisher moves is critical. It's almost impossible to win a standard match if you can't hit your finisher, and go from your signature straight to your finisher. If you aren't up to date with what kind of moves each superstar uses, then you can check how to hit them under 'Superstar Info' in the pause menu.

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Using superstars with a submission finisher can be very frustrating as rope breaks can stop you getting a tap out and the mini-game itself can be a struggle to win. Top rope finishers take extra time to pull off and can be a nightmare to hit in multi-man matches. A quick move that you can hit standing up, like a Stone Cold Stunner or F-5, is the best option to give your created superstar, unless you have a flair for the dramatic.

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Strategy tips

So now that you know how to control your superstar and how to finish off your opponent, how should you build to that grand finale?

WWE 2K19 does have a damage bar you need to drain, but that isn't how you earn your finishing move. You need to fill your own power meter. You need to get your meter to 100 percent in order to earn a signature move, and 150 percent to get a finisher (You get a finisher right away if you hit your signature). To do this you need to hit moves on your opponent and wear them down. It doesn't really matter what kind of moves you do, but you should focus on the same areas that your signature and finisher affect. If both your special moves target the torso, it's wasteful to hit normal moves that target their legs or head. By hammering their head and then hitting them with an RKO, you maximize the chance of winning after you hit your finisher as you have just targeted an already weakened body part. However, you can't just go hell for leather at them, you need to pace yourself.

Manage your reversals & stamina

So much of WWE 2K games is about reversing your opponents offense at the right time and laying in your own attack. However, you only get so many reversals to start a match, usually 3 or 4, and if you get caught without one as your opponent lines up a finisher then the match could be over. The reversals take some time to recharge, so you should try to keep one in reserve to defend a finisher, and not worry too much about taking some punishment while you wait for the rest to recharge. Don't be afraid to keep your distance while the reversals recharge too. As long as you are in position to break up any pins in a multi-man match or aware of the referee's count when on the outside, then you will be fine.

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The same goes for your stamina. You start with three stamina bars in WWE 2K19, located underneath your damage bar and above your percentage meter, and while they do recharge, once you have spent one completely it will disappear. When you get down to your last bar, it is tough to string together an offense and if, for example, you hit a diving move with little stamina left it may take you longer to get back to your feet than your opponent.

You are best to work yourself down toward the end of one bar and then wait a little until it recharges before you launch another offensive flurry, that way when you do get your signature move you'll have plenty of stamina to hit it and then get up and make the cover.

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