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WWE 2K23 is among the best wrestling games ever, with spectacular gameplay, great game modes, and plenty of customization options. However, not everything is perfect, and sometimes WWE 2K23 servers have some problems.

These problems affect many of the WWE 2K23 players. Bigger loading times, disconnects, and login issues are the most common problems users face. Fortunately, the WWE 2K team has been quick at spotting and fixing these issues.

Nevertheless, it's always good to stay up to date with the server status, and that's why we bring you this article. So, let's find out the WWE 2K23 server status.

Are WWE 2K23 Servers Down?

As mentioned above, sometimes the WWE 2K23 servers have some issues. Most of the time, all players will be affected by them. However, there are some specific problems that only affect a selected few users. These problems might be harder to solve, and we suggest you contact WWE 2K support.

Fortunately, there hasn't been any big server malfunction in WWE 2K23 so far. However, many users have experienced occasional game crashes when playing online matches.

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MyFaction is the most popular online mode in WWE 2K23

After the most recent patch, more players are experiencing server issues, especially when playing online modes. The custom creations feature is also not working for some users. It's not allowing them to download or upload custom superstars, titles, attires, or arenas.

But in general, the WWE 2K23 servers are functioning normally, with only some players being affected by the issues mentioned above.

Servers Status

As of right now, the WWE 2K servers are working fine, apart from some very specific issues, that only affect a few players. You can enjoy MyFaction, or play online matches against your friends.

WWE 2K23 Patch 1.08

WWE 2K23 has finally released patch 1.08. This patch addresses most of the bugs fans were complaining about and also introduces new moves and entrances. It will provide a better gaming experience, and make WWE 2K23 even more enjoyable for fans.

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WWE 2K23 Patch 1.08 introduced new entrances for many Superstars

Patch 1.08 comes just one day after the release of the first WWE 2K23 DLC. Just like previous patches, it will provide gameplay fixes for many issues. Be sure to check our WWE 2K23 Patch 1.08 guide to learn everything about this new patch.

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