Wuthering Waves Zhezhi Release Date, Kit, Element, & Weapon

Wuthering Waves Zhezhi.
Credit: Kuro Games

Wuthering Waves Zhezhi.
Credit: Kuro Games

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Wuthering Waves is about to welcome a shy painter to its roster with the upcoming five-star Resonator, Zhezhi. Her stunning pink-teal design and adorable personality are already capturing the hearts of the Wuthering Waves community.

However, unlike other Huanglong Resonators, Zhezhi remains shrouded in mystery, as she has yet to appear in the story or even as an NPC. Recent leaks, though, have provided some clues about her element, weapon, release date, and more.

Zhezhi Expected Release Date

Kuro Games has just released Zhezhi's drip marketing, a common tactic used by gacha games to tease upcoming characters before a new version is released. This strongly hints that Zhezhi will be featured in the limited-time banner of the upcoming 1.2 update, expected to launch on August 15, 2024, following Changli in 1.1 Phase 2.

Who is Zhezhi?

In her drip marketing, Zhezhi is introduced as a commissioned painter who is quiet and shy but deeply dedicated to her craft. While eloquence may not be her forte, her persistence and love for painting speak volumes.

One particularly endearing line from her drip marketing is: "What I wanted to say is, the sunlight on you right now is so beautiful. Can I... paint you?"

Zhezhi's design has already won over the Wuthering Waves community. Her light pink eyes and large, expressive features only complement her timid and reserved nature. She has been compared to Genshin Impact's Sucrose, another character known for her quiet demeanor and dedication to her work.

Wuthering Waves Zhezhi drip marketing.
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Credit: Kuro Games

Much like Baizhi and most female characters from Huanglong, Zhezhi’s outfit is reminiscent of the traditional Hanfu, with pink and teal accents. with teal accents. She wears round glasses and has long dark hair that transitions to pink at the ends, styled into two pigtails.

Little is known about her lore as she has yet to appear in the main story or even been spotted in Huanglong. However, it’s expected that she will receive her own Companion Stories when Version 1.2 launches. These quests focus on individual characters, allowing players to delve deeper into their stories and get to know them better.

Zhezhi Potential Element and Weapon

While it's still too early to confirm, a credible leaker known as Uncle Birdie Window has revealed that Zhezhi is likely to be a Glacio Support unit who wields a Rectifier.

She is expected to pair best with the five-star Spectro Resonator and Magistrate of Jinzhou, Jinshi. Zhezhi will likely serve as a dedicated skill damage buffer and coordinated attacker, dealing Glacio damage off field which would contribute towards your Main DPS's forte gauge.

That’s everything we know about Wuthering Waves’ Zhezhi for now. Stay tuned as we update this guide with more information as it’s released! Please keep in mind that leaks are subject to change and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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