Valorant Neo Frontier Bundle: Release date, skins, price & more

Valorant Neo Frontier Bundle

Valorant Neo Frontier Bundle

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A new Valorant Episode is here, and with it comes a lot of new content.

Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 brings us a new game mode, agent, and Battle Pass. Among that massive wave of content, there is also a new skinline arriving at Valorant.

That new skinline is called Neo Frontier and it's inspired by the Western genre. It pays homage to shows like Cowboy Bebop and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

So, without further ado, let's find out everything about the Valorant Neo Frontier skinline.

Release Date

As mentioned above, the Neo Frontier Bundle hits the store at the same time the Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 goes live.

That happens on June 27 at around 1 AM GMT/ 18 PM PT. After that, players will be able to buy the skyline in the Valorant store.

Valorant Neo Frontier Bundle
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The Valorant Neo Frontier Bundle has some astonishing-looking skins.

We still don't know how long the Neo Frontier Bundle will stay in the store. However, we expect it to be available for purchase for at least 21 days.

Neo Frontier Bundle skins

The Neo Frontier Bundle has five incredibly-looking skins. These skins have two variants. One is the "old school spaghetti westerns" look, while the other is the more futuristic "space westerns" variant.

Both of the variants look great, and Western genre enjoyers will absolutely love this skinline. Valorant produced Laura Baltzer said the following:

"We wanted Neo Frontier to be a true homage to the western genre–both old and new." "There are two distinct but connected fantasies in this skinline, but we wanted both to feel fulfilled."
Neo Frontier Phantom
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The Neo Frontier includes one skin for the Phantom, Sheriff, Marshal, Odin, and Axe (melee). It also has one Gun Buddy, two player cards, and one spray.

What really differentiates the Neo Frontier skinline from others is the sound and animations. In most Valorant skins, animations are only available once you upgrade to the final level of the skin.

However, all versions of the Neo Frontier skins already include the animations. This is something very unusual, but producer Laura Baltzer explained why that happened.

According to her:

"We changed it up for this skin because we felt like it was important that the animations and audio were reflected in both the old school and futuristic versions of the skin."


The Neo Frontier Bundle costs 8,700 Valoant Points and is a part of the Exclusive Edition tier. So, the entire bundle goes for around 100$/78£.

Just like in all the Valorant bundles, you can purchase the weapons you want, player cards, and even sprays separately. You can also acquire the whole bundle.

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