How to Play Valorant Geoguessr

Valorant maps

Valorant maps

Valorant Geoguessr is a new online game where players must guess the image of the map and its location. Geoguessr became very popular among content creators on Youtube and Twitch.

However, the new version is perfect for content creators and gamers who are streamers and just part of the community. Valorant Geoguessr also provides users with a great way to pass the time. Accessing this version of the popular web games is extremely simple, and we will teach you how to do it.

So, let's look at Valorant Geoguessr, some tips on how to play, and more.

How to Play Valorant Geoguessr

Valorant Geoguessr is a great way to pass the time if you're taking a break from the actual game. It's also great to play while you are in a queue, agent select, or waiting for your next match to start.

Valorant Geoguessr
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As a spin-off to the original version, it still provides players with all of the fun. The real-world images are all maps in Valorant, so it can even help you play the original Geoguessr too.

Here's how to play the web-based game.

  1. Go to the Valorant Geoguessr website.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Log into your account.
  4. Complete the tutorial.
  5. Choose the correct mode.
  6. Press Play.

Tips and Tricks

Geoguessr can be a little tricky to play depending on your real-world knowledge. But, there are some great tips and tricks which can really help you to come out on top.

Valorant map Bind
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Here are some tips and tricks for those who are new to the game or need a refresher.

  • Zoom into signposts and adverts to look for the language.
  • Look at what side of the road cars are driving on.
  • Look for international road signs.
  • Use your compass to help guide you.
  • Play enough of the game to know the locations well.

So, with all of these tips and tricks to hand, take this and become the best Valorant Geoguessr player.

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