Valorant China Launches With Built-In Replay System

"Fearless Moment" - a VALORANT China-exclusive replay system
Credit: Riot Games

"Fearless Moment" - a VALORANT China-exclusive replay system
Credit: Riot Games

During a recent press conference, Riot Games announced that their immensely popular FPS game Valorant will soon be available in China, garnering much excitement from the Chinese Valorant player base. This release not only brings exclusive skins and other novelties but also signifies the region's official inclusion into VCT.

Of all the region-locked features, one highly sought-after addition to the Chinese version of the game is causing quite a stir in the Valorant community - a built-in replay system.

What does the built-in replay system look like?

It has been revealed by ValorantUpdated on Twitter that VALORANT China will have a built-in advanced replay and video recording system, directly translated from Chinese as “Fearless Moment”.

Developed by WEGAME, this in-game replay system allows players to review their gameplay with in-depth statistics, including information on damage dealt, utility usage, KDA, and many more. On top of that, the system has a "highlight" detection feature that automatically clips and bookmarks noteworthy gameplay moments. These recordings can also be instantly uploaded and shared to social media platforms through synced mobile devices. Furthermore, players have the ability to filter their clips based on various criteria such as agents, and game modes, facilitating easier navigation and retrieval of clips.

Community response

The Valorant community's response to the announcement of the region-locked replay system in Valorant China has been mixed, with a sense of disappointment prevailing among players outside of China. The rest of the global Valorant community has long been requesting the addition of a built-in replay system since the game's early days, so many are frustrated that the feature is just out of reach.

A screenshot of Valorant China's built-in replay system called "Fearless Moment"
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Credit: Riot Games
First look at "Fearless Moment"

Some players have pointed out that "Fearless Moment" bears striking similarities with existing third-party clipping software like Outplayed and Overwolf. However, there is a notable absence of a "spectator mode" or "freecam", which is something the general player base has been hoping for.

When will we get a built-in replay system?

Based on the information available, it appears that Riot Games has acknowledged the demand for a built-in replay system and was in the early stages of developing it during the last update. With the recent news about Valorant China’s “Fearless Moment”, it's highly possible that Riot will provide an update on the progress of the replay system in their next Dev Diary.

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